HOROSCOPE IS HELPING TO WIN: Send her a SMS for which you will not be able to resist!

Read that sentence your girl wants to hear the sweetest moments.

Everyone experiences love in their own way and everyone likes different little things and the evidence of this osćanja. However, astrologers were able to profile love sentences and to distinguish that tell you before the participants of any zodiac sign. Whether they Sapna end of her ear or her send SMS while at work, sentences like these will make you can not resist.

Hugs and kisses are very important, as well as various sundries and gifts, but these are the words that will sweep her off her feet!

RAM – “You are the proof that I can do anything you can imagine.”

Members of this sign are very decisive and often forget to slow down and pay attention to the details around. They are mostly optimistic and therefore have many role models. It will not wait until you the runaround, so therefore the leg sweep direct sentences like these. Prove it to the prices, but will let you closer to him.

BIK – “Every time I think of you I think of about a hundred things I love about you.”

Ladies who are born under the sign of Taurus are extremely romantic and therefore looking for partners who are not afraid to say how they feel. Clearly and loudly say everything you feel and show her that you are a loyal and very happy to be beside her. It will be yours as long as you give her know you love her.

TWINS – “You make life thrilling works, I want to create memories with you.”

The twins are very ekstroventan sign them and excites the idea of ​​love. I can be very gentle and therefore would be best to give them the sweetest way possible, you say what you feel toward them. When members of this sign someone like to know how to become nervous around him. Therefore, it is important to be honest with them, so as not to panic thinking that you care about them.

RAK – “I want to be the one who will make the best of the bad days, but the good even better.”

There are hardly bigger EMOtionals of ladies who were born in the period from 21 June to 22 July. Im very important is that you can open and sincere talk with you. Sometimes cancer can be very unsafe and in yourself and in Sauvez. Saosećajte with his emotions and give the woman Raku know you’ll be there for her no matter what happens – it will strengthen your relationship.

LAV – “Only when I’m with you I feel like I do.”

Lavice like to spend time with loved people and really brighten their lives when they are surrounded by family and friends. Even when it’s not with you, lioness likes to know that you are thinking about her constantly. It is full of confidence and is very hearty, and that means that her love affair is very important. The road to her heart is through sincere recognition of the fact that you feel good beside her.

VIRGO – “Your heart is just as nice as the mind.”

Device work hard and are very proud of this. They can be practical and very analytical, but also quite harsh on yourself alone. Tell her that her heart just as beautiful and important as the mind and this will relax and prove it to the place you are safe and loved.

SCALE – “You just love the way it should be.”

Members of this sign believe in peace and sometimes so want to make them happy all around him to forget his own happiness. These gentle creatures so like to place myself have loved and dear ones. Scales can be so harsh on yourself, so it is important to remind them that what they are worth and how much you mean. Tell Vagi that is perfect the way it is and it will be yours.

SCORPIO – “You make me want to live so passionately as you do.”

Scorpio are passionate about everything they do, and that makes them great lovers. They are very brave and rarely give up anything. However, there may be somewhat mysterious and difficult to open, and you will therefore not unlock her heart these words.

SCORER – “Every day with you is better than the last.”

Each members of this sign you need to hear something honest and optimistic. They love when they place someone who is excited about the future and are happy looking at her. Can be restless, and they therefore need someone who wants the future and a great love begin immediately. Be as honest as possible, it means a lot to them.

CAPRICORN – “mamis me smile even when you’re not there.”

Jarčići are ambitious and highly appreciate the ambition in a partner. They are very patient and never rush too fast in relation until they know what they want, but also what he wants people from “the other side”. Members of this sign are sometimes pessimistic, but it is important that you tell her to think of her when you’re not together. It will brighten her day. When her best with the little things that you tell her how much you care about her.

AQUARIUS – “Usrećuješ my soul.”

All I want to Aquarius from loved ones is to accept. They are not always easy to open against someone, or if they feel appreciated or if you realize that you can see life through her eyes, then it will tell you all their secrets. Aquarians are sages and very original, but the story of the soul (not the heart) will mean much more to them. She secretly wants you to understand that its uniqueness of its most important asset.

FISH – “If you can now look on the bright side, I’ll sit with you on the dark side until you’re ready.”