HOROSCOPE provides: Here’s where to travel this year?

It’s time to start planning a vacation. Stars help you choose the appropriate destination.


A tireless adventurer Rams should go to Maui this year. The second largest island in Hawaii is rich in walking paths, kilometers of beaches and the waves are perfect for surfing. Save money and pack up their bags, each Aries should experience such a journey.


The bulls are lovers of luxury. They want to spend the afternoon in the fantastic spa center and to spend the night in the highest quality bedding. Earth signs like Taurus wants to be somewhere where it will be surrounded by nature, so they Catskill mountains of New York is perfect for you – you sleep in a huge comfortable beds and drink the best wines in the world.


Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Gemini, and is therefore best for you to visit a metropolis. Berlin is an excellent choice for you to try out new language, chatting with the locals and spend the night on the streets of this city.


You, if you prefer to travel, you are happiest when you are at home, because you are the ruler of your home. However, when you force them to leave their four walls, you need to travel somewhere where you will be equally comfortable. You are a water sign, so is important to you and be somewhere near the ocean. Therefore, we recommend the stars to rent a cottage on the Italian coast and enjoy the sea air, sea and fantastic food.


Egomaniacs who love the excitement, celebrations and outings, most will enjoy the destinations such as Ibiza, where the night can spend đuskajući. Lions love and history, so if you are not crazy about parties, then go to Ireland and visit their beautiful castles.


If something can impress you in your research trips, then this is a great design and craftsmanship. Therefore will delight any city in Japan. You love and everything related to health, and will therefore be perfect Japanese spas challenge.


To you it does not matter where you are, just that you are surrounded with as much culture and art. Find a good hotel in Vienna and enjoy the theaters, museums and restaurants perfect.


You enjoy what you discover the undiscovered. Wherever you travel, however this was a popular destination, you’ll find something that few people know. Therefore, for your perfect Morocco. Zalutajte after the Sahara, if not, then find a traditional Berber village.


Can not live without travel and adventure, and even when anchoring at home, you spend time planning the next trip. You are a fan of expeditions, wildlife and adrenaline, and is therefore perfect for you Cambodia or Myanmar.


You always have a purpose. Are you ready to accept the challenge and to switch the set limit. Terrestrial you sign, but if you love nature for you the stars recommend going to the hiking expedition in Patagonia.


Those born under the sign of Aquarius love freedom, but also to be surrounded by people. You love the metropolis that are on the water, where you feel you are part of the world, but you can not connect with the locals. For you, is an ideal destination Sydney.


Like any fish, do you like to wander. You’re pretty interested in the spiritual journey, and is therefore ideal for you to visit Tulum in Mexico. Stunning beaches, yoga centers and nature that you appeal to her to devote an ideal combination for your vacation.