Horoscope revealed when the most ardent SIGN IN BED, and who will “NA F” cheat

Learn how each zodiac sign in bed and that is prone to fraud.

When the navatreniji sign in bed? When would you “to ace” deceived? All of this can be found thanks to the stars.


It is very strange zodiac sign at this point. He needs a little enchanted, especially in bed because it was very important. Knows how to seduce a woman, but also to leave a trace bond. But when he falls in love, in his strange and conspicuous way he can be faithful and that at any moment your partner shows how much he cares.

He loves to run and play to dominate. In his zeal can not go to extremes, but on the other hand is very focused on their freedom. That does not go with each other, but he does not think about it. Spontaneous, fun and direct in his appearance. Such is the intimate moments. Follow your instincts and can make love in different places: in the office, in public, in the hallway, in the elevator. The sex is nazasit if you like it, grab an Aries. He is passionate, impulsive and insatiable lover. It has excellent physical condition, and sex with him every time different and interesting. Reacts quickly so not really ready for some more foreplay. He loves it now and now. He knows very well to separate love from sex. When they are not in love, that they came as another optional sports activity.


They have tremendous confidence and that their performance. Dostojanstvni are very respectful of your partner. Most of them play a fair game. As lovers are gentle and and passionate at the same time. They like the comfort and the perfect atmosphere. U enjoy sex and are not invasive. Can a long time to wait for the woman they love to have it fully. They are very sensual and tricks to know that women go crazy for them. Never give up on a woman who interested him and pulled. He does it slowly, with great patience and has a good tactic. Slowly you can get under your skin. It is extremely flexible and feels the needs and desires of their partners. Sex with him reassuring.

When it comes to pose for him is a classic best and smartest choice. Natural is ready for other variants if they want the other side. He loves to kiss and returns kisses. Enjoy sex the same as the good food and drink. The best lover when it pootpunosti committed when a woman loves. Orgasm does not come quickly because he likes to enjoy every millimeter of the body of their loved one. They are not prone to perverse nor a stronger experimentation.


Men born under this sign very price wives and are very attentive to them. Are naturally talented in sex and are prone to all sorts of exhibitions. Not too romantic, but it is not necessary to them and when they can easily and words to bring your sweetheart to a climax. And that’s without touching. They do not like monotony nor the stability of sex. Do not just fall into uncontrollable kind, but they know that doodle.

Know exactly to say the right thing at the right time, women go for their words. Intimate moments with a man in this sign can be very interesting. They like to educate and even stimulating to read erotic magazines, but also attracts them and pornography. Most people love to experiment with multiple partners. But quite well adapted to the wishes of partners. If you fall in love with Gemini you can expect an unforgettable ride in the amusement park of love.


Most of you are attracted to women who need protection in every sense, women who are lonely, abandoned and which have a more difficult life stories. It has great charisma and intellect. It is able to do anything when he’s in love. Enjoys long foreplay and try to feel and satisfy fully the needs of their chosen ones. He wants to feel like a man who takes a love game. When it is highlighted and imagination has its little secrets of seduction. Every part of his body is sensitive. Strong emotions lead to the maelstrom of passion. However, as time passes, it becomes very jealous and posesisvan and to a large extent can disturb emotions and passions. And then of course it becomes quite boring in bed.


Here’s Lava that captivates with its appearance. He is sure of himself, although his most comfortable when his wife admired. There are very self-confidence, generous and very hot. His high compliment rare that women can not resist. He likes to dominate and enjoys when his partner flatters and praises. It’s always in the mood for sex, but this is expected from the other side. He likes to attract attention. He loves the freedom, when it comes to sex and can make the difference between sex and love. When you fall in love sincerely, then in the best light shows his ability to love. Likes to seduce. He likes to experiment, though not very imaginative.

It is expected to be a partner before and expects loyalty. It’s hard to restrain him I often change partners and is a great lover. However, when the likes of his love has no boundaries and then pozpunosti faithful. While the passion is strong, he has no need to seek another partner.


Do not just fall in lover’s voice, though not very bad. The sex has a need for perfection, but on the other hand is not in compliance with its sexual nature. Although this is more related to the female population.
Man Virgo falls in the average lovers, although it is easy to hurt him that his manhood taken away. But of course this is in general, everything depends on the planetary positions in the personal horoscope. Engages in sexual relations only when you are confident with my partner that meets their hygiene criteria.
Direct and do not wear very well with experimentation and surprises. They try to meet the loved one and then have the impression that they are close to perfection. They did not like to take initiative and when the partner domintnija of them. Most of them are religious.


Men born under the sign of Libra is not easy to resist, I wonder when it wants to. Conqueror, the great seducer impossible šramantan. Being easily attracted to a beautiful, sophisticated and elegant women. Making love for him is something beautiful and enjoy it with all my being. Enjoys long foreplay. Aims to satisfy your partner and is ready to make love all night until it is brought to a climax.

He needs love, understanding and above all friendship. Sensitive and romantic. When is sure to love your partner, there is a feeling that the whole world is his. Do not fall into very loyal mušakarce, but he knows that each love so right. He is an expert in flirting and seduction. They are not very prone to perversion. Valid for the perfect lover and always adapts to the needs and character of your partner. Although it is true that most loves himself.


And here it is the greatest lover of all time. An experience of sexually with a man born under this sign are always remembered. Very masculine, passionate and very unpredictable. Stressed possessive, jealous and perverzan.Ima strong sexual energy and is durable. He knows it too far in sex and has no control over their desires when you attract a woman. It belongs to the unfaithful men, but at the same time and irresistible.

Fully meet your better half and bring it to new heights in intimate moments. What is more regular, better sex and thus strengthen their emotions. If you leave the man without sex Scorpio, know that he will very quickly find the person who wants it. He is the perfect lover and will never admit that it is exhausted.


They are totally relaxed, witty. Sex with a mystical approach, or free note. They love their freedom and therefore have a fear of unbundling or stronger bonding. He likes to fertuje and overwhelmed and it fully meets. Most enjoy such moments. He likes to touch, massage oils, sex in the water in the shower. Spontaneous and very in the moment to recognize the needs of partners, so that it does not need to be deleted.

Prone to the challenges, trials and often have sexual relations with multiple partners at the same time. Not retailed for durable and shorter variants of sex he feels more than sports, but definitely coping very well in any situation. He loves to make love in unusual places or the same such circumstances.


If you want an ambitious, stable and faithful man immediately embark on a quest for Capricorn. But will you be zadvoljne always in bed is not and can not assure you. No more calculating, sometimes very closed and do not like experiments. Moral is not inclined parallel connections. Very serious and provides support and security. I emphasized to him the strong sexual energy although it is not always crazy about intimacy. When sex grow into a duty, but it often happens then that’s not interesting. But on the other hand is always ready to fulfill every wish of the woman he loves.


The most interesting specimen. In the first place wants to meet a person who is interested and has to experience intellectual connection. If a woman, a girl draws in intelektuanom meaning there is no word about sex or about love. Relaxed, not possessive and friendly favor. Patient is in winning and can not wait very long to get their five minutes. Not very passive, but when paratnerka likes to take the initiative at the beginning. Longs with different experiences and experiments, but this was not preverzan.

Nepredivljivost is its greatest virtue. During intimate moment loves to watch his partner and was looking right into his eyes. No group sex was not available. She enjoys relaxing love stories, but he hates the most when on the other hand, there are limitation and restraint. He is a perfect lover woman who loves discretion and secrecy.


Him we most easily found in dreams. Shy, romantic, insecure, emotional and very passionate. He can deceive quickly, but only when you relax with a drink. Most attracted by dominant women. Perfect is still at the beginning, it gives that impression and it impresses him, though some impressions were quite wrong. Very easily shows his emotions in moments of passion. The sex are imaginative, sensitive, and crave excitement. It is very sensitive and does not know how to separate sex from love, which is commendable.

Are you faithful or unfaithful, a question that even he does not know how to answer. Not very fond of adventures of one night, because if you do not know fully your partner knows that fails. Radiating heat, but we can say that the end of it somehow most comfortable.