Horoscope reveals: Do you have good karma? Have you ever felt that you are guided by an invisible hand in a certain direction?

Have you ever felt that you are guided by an invisible hand in a certain direction? The answer could read – karma, that is what you have done or not in a past life. But if you are not aware of it, you can have the impression that they do not hold their own lives under control.

In previous lives you’re always doing the right thing. Is you, clothing you, went to work and live like all the rest of the world. This is to safeguard you and you had the feeling that you are accepted. Therefore you now Reb and do not fit the standards.

Do you like beautiful things, but they often deprive, even if you can afford them themselves. In past lives, you were like a miser and lived modestly, even if you had the money.

Are you fascinated by simple things, such as clouds, flowers, grass, sun … Once you were a scientist engrossed in law, philosophy or theology. The little you pay attention to the things that surround you.

You are a true “home of fleas,” and I love to sit at home. Family is the most important to you, and you are very loved. But it was not always so. In previous lives, most important to you was your occupation, whether you were a king, a merchant or a fisherman. The more time you spend dealing with their work than with his family. Therefore, in this life a balance.

Do you often say that you have a terribly strong ego? It is okay to ask yourself in the center of the world because you’re in previous lives were too busy taking care of others. It is recommended to be “in it” conscious of their power to avoid being declared for ordinary braggart.

You were a cleric, a monk, a nun, a healer … totally dedicated to the spiritual life. That is why today deal with the administration, management and similar matters

Vama is very important what grounds he thinks of you, and to act in harmony with social norms and love when others think of you as a nice person vaspitanoj. Already guessed. In a past life you were an egoist, arrogant and somewhat selfish.

Mysterious and does not reveal much about themselves. This is because you are in a former life acted completely reversed and learned a lesson.

If you like good fun, but it often happens that your concept of fun is different from what your friends think it is fun. You, for example, prefer to go to a philosophical debate than in the movies. You’re probably used to lead frivolous and futile way of life.

Although you are a person who is devoted to business, sometimes you want to stay at home. This is because you are in one of the previous home life was the whole world. Try to strike a balance between business and household responsibilities.

You do not like to hear of other people’s misfortune, because immediately get you down. Understand that you are unhappy about people you do not know, that you only hear on the news. In previous incarnations were important to you only your family and friends, no one outside of this narrow circle.

As the last sign of the zodiac, you’re in previous lives have learned the lessons of previous characters. Your main line is that you like to express your inner world through art. In previous lives you were standing on all four feet on the ground and were very practical. Therefore, in this life more float among the clouds.