Horoscope reveals how to catch the stars muse

In choosing a spouse more powerful factor is fate itself, but it’s good to sometimes get interested with whom you will spend a large part of the life cycle and the next when you grow old.

Female nature is intuitive, unlike men, which is logical and what is still needed a reason. The man and the prosaic life, asking the woman he was happy, until the woman is always looking for men who feel more secure and that will accomplish offspring.

Aries man is self-conscious and often turned itself can be a major problem for the woman who cries out for attention and closeness. Since these types should not expect excessive cooperation, but should let them be leaders. They often have great love needs that can easily go limp, and should comply with them because they do not understand the rejection, murder and “bad moment” for sex. If you accept their innate selfishness guaranteed you a long and harmonious marriage.

If you want to win a man born under this sign you need to be more energetic and more flexible than him. If you own a house or real estate – will not be immune to your charm. You need to know your way around the kitchen, and occasionally talk about work or how to acquire money that can be even closer to you. I do not prefer too clever and complicated women because their nature is slow and difficult to change.

If you love sports, leisure, socializing, dynamic life, automobile, you will easily win the man born under this sign, since in these ever-present desire for superficial experiences that should be interesting. If you have a philosophical spirit, a deep, intuitive and esoteric, chances are you reject this man. If you make sure your connection is light and fluffy, chances are you’ll find a husband that will take him before the knot …

The man born under the sign of Cancer is too sensitive, protective spirits, under the influence of emotions, changeable and melancholy. Longs for a strong woman who wants to become a mother and is ready to attach to it. Deep relive all, so if you’re cold, restrained or reserved, you can not hurt him and refuse. There is a great desire for self-preservation and extension of branches. They dream of a beautiful and quiet life with his family, but if you have these qualities, you will easily become his wife.

The man born under the sign of Leo wants a beautiful and attractive woman that would arise out of, or with which to appear in javnosti.Takođe it is not necessary to oppose, and to prove that it is wrong or that you are superior to him. Even if I’m wrong you do not need to show the public, nor to embarrass him and embarrass the company. This man wants to follow him, looking at him with admiration and respect. Sometimes it is necessary to recognize its quality to be felt
safe. If you want to take him to the altar must be weaker than him, aware that he wants absolutely everything.

If you are willing and able to lead a simple and ordinary life where you have accounts and obligations in the first place and where it will be very observant of routine, where life can not magic and magic, then you will win a man born under the sign of Virgo. These are smart and practical people who rarely hedonists from their partners require loyalty, modesty and hard work. Virgin is a man easily seduced if you do not have special
need not talk about his hair and nails and you have the innate ability to accept everyday. If you have a smart line, prudence or convenience – you know that you will not resist …

The man in this sign carries a mandatory issue that is related to his father and inherited it. The point is that such a man is not able to be alone and unconscious desires a woman who is more powerful and dominant in every sense. It should not be vulgar or simple, but also a man born under the sign of Libra is expected that the woman next to fine-mannered, has a talent for survival, as well as the determination that it is missing. Often they are able to discuss, it is necessary to have strong nerves and understanding for weakness regarding partnerships. If you are really reasonable and patient, this man would have you wished for a wife.

Somewhere deep inside this man afraid of experiences you’ve had in the past, so it is necessary to save the spicy and private things that you had with someone else. You can count on such a possessive man who carries the innate fear that you can hurt or surprised. If you are able to have a deep, passionate relationship in which there is no room for others, even for your mother, then you would easily be able to win such a man. The man Scorpio seeks a deep intuitive and magnetic woman who understands that his whole life is one big mystery.

Men born under this sign can be aferoidni but require trust and freedom in marriage. Desire emancipated woman who has an active social life and is able to change, progress and adopt new environmental concepts and models. Opponents of the patriarchal ideas and do not long for women whose only dream is to become a mother and sat beside the stove. If you have a strong spirit, indulgent character and badly pronounced ego, with great ease, you can take this man to the altar …

Men born under this sign aspire to tame and sensible women who have no need for philosophical concepts and complicate life. Since his wife are expected to be good mothers and housewives. They have a big sexual needs, and it is important that partners can follow them. They are not supporters of modern marriages, and it is necessary to have a traditional concept of marriage, which is based on the desire to maintain the marriage, and children “to the road”. A woman who wants for himself a man born in the sign of Capricorn must obey his wishes and kill yourself in the need for domination. It is not necessary to be especially romantic or imaginative. What you are more simpler if you want a wife.

The man born under this sign hard to establish intimacy with your wife, you need to relax and develop in him feelings that are often cold. Basically looking for interesting and unusual women who have significant experience and are intellectually strong. Also fear of undue tying or imposing rules and norms. If you are able to live an active social life and introduces new and interesting people in your world, this man You could not ask for a woman. It is difficult to command men born under this sign, you need to be wise and flexible in order to avoid trvljenja and distancing.

These are often gentler men, and do not need to emphasize how much you are weak and vulnerable and do not need to mention that you have fears about various life issues. Man Fish will want a wife who understands his needs and trembling creature, and a woman will develop closeness and empathy with him. Rarely prefer rude and rough women, nor suffer the heroines and persons who are emotionally unstable. There is a great need for binding. If you are CAPABLE you understand how your partner has doubts and fears, and you to carefully carry in yourself, and you do not mind him, this man would not marry you and love you all my life