Horoscope reveals how you are prone to fraud and ljubomori- lions are possessive, scales are not prone to jealousy, and Aquarius ….

Twins jealousy overtakes less frequently than other signs, lions are possessive, scales are not prone to jealousy, and Aquarius difficult to tolerate situations in which should show weakness …

When you boil passions, your injured heart does not choose a time and manner when and how to show his seething jealousy. And you do not care what anyone at the time to think about yourself. You are suspicious, possessive and very jealous of the influence of your ruler Mars and Pluto, a symbol of strong and heated emotion why your partner is constantly under scrutiny.

Your possessive nature can not endure any form of partner’s betrayal, even if only with his eyes a pair of tanned legs or commented slim body of another woman. Your confidence is already shaken, and caused suspicion, where you jealousy begins to corrode. Your astrological field partnerships managed by powerful Pluto, however, prefer to have control over a partner.

Vama logic manages planet Mercury, which is why you jealousy overtakes less frequently than the other characters. However, although you are aware of the charm that leave the opposite sex, it is clear that your partner can be found in a similar temptation. Then include your “silent” alarm jealousy, and even though you do not make a scene and does not break all over the place, we will make sure that you know “traps” hold partners at home.

Although it does not work, you are very possessive and suspicious. Your ruler, the Moon, symbol of intuition, strong emotions and the need for security, always warns you when something can jeopardize your relationship with your partner. And because you have worked out your own protection mechanism that, for you a devastating feeling. If you do not have proof for a while you will be calm, and if you have it, it will be very difficult to bear.

While you predominate partners who can not remain unnoticed, because possessive nature can not avoid the pitfalls of not jealousy. Dignified representatives of your characters operated sun, a symbol of pride, but your partner edition hits, even if it is “harmless” flirtation. Although you are aware of their openness, warmth, generosity, jealousy alerts you to partner slowly cooled.

The reason for the spouse’s jealousy may be your relationships at work, because there usually spend the most time. Under the influence of your ruler Mercury, symbol of communication, sometimes you are not even aware of how much you enjoy usually harmless flirtations with his colleagues. Therefore, i suspect the partner’s fidelity because the logical conclusion that even he is not immune to such situations.

Although it does not belong to characters who are overly prone to jealousy, your partner will not go well if his mind about infidelity – view, SMS messages or otherwise. Although you are quite rational, you still managed Venus, planet of love, but can not stand it when you were jeopardizing the relationship with the partner. And, if the situation starts to spiral out of your control, in you awakens a desire for revenge.

At the top of the list of characters which you jealousy daily torments. Your passionate, but very vulnerable nature under the influence of the planets eroticism, sexuality and strong emotions, Mars and Pluto, your ruler. Reacts violently and harmless little things that someone else would not even notice. Although jealousy conceal the innate self-control, your gaze says more than words.

The symbol of your sign Sagittarius to spin out a direct shot at the target in a way symbolizes the way to solve any problems in a relationship. Immediately react if you love your partner says jealous and say to him that it bothers you. Because when you can cross over such situations, you are aware that next time might not be so tolerant.

Although it does not work, you are very vulnerable and affect you in situations where your partner (un) consciously real jealous. Of course, this does not show the suffering inside because you hurt and pride and dignity violated. If you manage to overcome the barrel and storms in your own soul, you become more cautious. However, fraud is not forgiving, so if you grab a partner at work, this is the end.

Difficult to tolerate situations in which you need to show your weaknesses. Your sign is managed by Uranus, planet of flirting and adventures, and choose partners who will be able to tolerate your whims. But, if you have love for the person you were in a position to fell the flames of jealousy, I try to hide, and their behavior and way of communicating with her.

Hypersensitive manages your sign Neptune, symbol of ecstasy, falling in love and romance, and completely surrender your partner you love. However, because you easily and hurt. If due to people you care about feel the thorn of jealousy, first you start to question yourself and your actions. Fraud and you might forgive, but the feeling that a similar situation could happen again, not to peace.