Horoscope reveals karmic lessons that each character needs to learn

Air signs should learn how to implement their ideas into action, watermarks to indulge feelings, ardent to overcome ego and earth to relax and give up control.

Aries should learn to control your instincts

According to the theory of karma in the Zodiac, Aries, to learn to live in peace and satisfaction need to master a lesson to curb their own instincts and temperament. Although well-intentioned, Rams are often devoted themselves exclusively to their objectives, so you should pay more attention to self-control and less insist on “their rights”. It would be good to occasionally kept quiet, but that does not respond to first.

Taurus should learn to be spontaneous

A member of the Earth group of characters is dedicated to creating a sense of security and success in a calm and predictable meaning for them. How much attention to material things, should reduce their influence in everyday life. Also, because of the inherent consistency and stubbornness that are important karmic lesson for them spontaneously to enter the environmental challenges and take risks, be it on specific situations or people.

Gemini should be persistent

Members of these air signs are impermanent, changeable mood and high energy and mental strength. As their things, even relationships can quickly get bored, for their mental maturation is important to learn to finish what they started, and in doing so does not already switched to a “third story”. Also, it is important to understand how the world is perfect, or that they themselves can not find perfection in it or other people.

Cancer needs to mature in relationships

A member of the watermark to the karma has a long, and he is directing the emotions and distinguishing which ones make sense and results, and which do not. Crabs more than other characters retain some characteristics of the children themselves, such as the reason, excessive drama in relationships and avoiding various types of addiction. To achieve inner peace should find a balance between work and private life.

Leo must learn to give and receive the same scale

Members of this sign have a karmic lesson of overcoming his own ego, and to fully develop their potential need to find a balance between pride and humility. To be productive, noticed and praised their goals, or pushing can be counterproductive if they give too little of yourself and expect too much and vice versa. This balance is important in all human, and love relationships.

Device must learn to relax

Members of this earth signs are used to have the reins of life in his hands, and that im going so well that the attention to detail developed to perfection. Precisely for this stems their karmic lessons – and it is to reduce their expectations of themselves and others, in order to enjoy the seemingly unimportant things. It should also work on compassion with others and realize that not all people are the same type of logical thinking.

Scales for the karmic lesson to maintain their own identity

Members of this air sign have great ideas, so i think the world should be perfect and just a place where with enough effort possible to achieve that ideal. In order to save your energy, you need to learn to devote less attention to others and what they are imposed as wisely and properly and to resist someone else’s influence in close relationships to preserve their own identity.

Scorpions must resist superficiality

The most important karmic lessons for members of the watermark is learning the true values ​​in life. How are prone to study that mysterious and unknown, because of their curiosity to lose too much time and energy on something that it is not worth it. Due to the temporary infatuation may deviate in relationships and work and so throw your life out of balance, and it is important to follow your heart and think about what they really mean.

Aquarius should learn to respect other people’s opinion

Members of this sign are endowed with the wisdom of life, thanks to which we can talk to people of all ages and attitudes. Nevertheless, the advice you give to others is rarely applied on it, and have a kind of lack of respect for the opinions of others. Their karmic lesson containment own ego and winning drives in the things that I know and that’s bad.

Capricorn has to learn to let go of things

Members of this earth characters are endowed with incredible persistence, which are integrated into all areas of your life. Im just focus on this goal interferes with the court, and continue to invest in something, although in the meantime realized that they would not bring satisfaction. Their karmic lessons will learn to let go of people, objects or desires of his life and embark on a major change that will bring maturity and self-confidence.

Aquarius should learn how to be “grounded”

Members of this air sign known for its creative ideas and thoughts, and unusual behavior. As much as they show that they do not touch other people’s opinions, they feel themselves in the depths of the fight between their instincts and what is expected of them. For the complete happiness of their karmic lessons is that they themselves are finding what they want and that accordingly and behave. You need to stop sabotaging yourself and learn that valuable things in life require more effort.

Pisces is a karmic lesson orientation to the outside world

Members of the watermark by nature oriented to the karmic lesson, as they will in my life be able to often think about their mistakes and learn. Empathetic and caring, Fish should resist the urge to have understanding for everything and that I should not condemn. Also, it is important to focus more on the outside world and how it works, and in its decisions, the more water reason and less emotion.