HOROSCOPE REVEALS: Learn how to read your recipe for happiness!

1. Every morning disconnect 20 minutes for yourself – whether for coffee, showering or listening to music.

2. Whatever you say, if you really want something, work for it, because you will not give up until you succeed or you fail.

3. Arrange the priorities and consecrate more time to people who deserve it. Stop trying to be about relationships that do not lead anywhere.

4. Every day, take a walk, ride your bike or something – you need the movement otherwise you will be tired.

5. Do not be ashamed of their “bug”, accept them, and you will be less nervous.

1. Be confident in yourself and your attitudes, even if you are disappointed. Suspected in yourself to lead you into depression.

2. Do not miss the opportunity to flatter myself, but strictly specify the time to relax and time to work.

3. Practice empathy and are often put in the position of others to make them better understood.

4. Learn to excessive pride can be your enemy, especially if you are away from those you love.

5. Be a good friend, these relationships are among the most valuable in your life.

1. Learn to read, it keeps your brain and your curiosity. Do not be lazy when it comes to these things.

2. Hold up his hobby, even if you have little time, because no fun falling into depression.

3. Do not get married without first living with someone at least a year.

4. Looking for a stable friend who will be able to stop you their advice.

5. Do not settle for jobs that you are not interested. Additionally, educate and try to find something that you like.

1. Less backbite and do not move in society gossip, as soak up negative emotions and thoughts like a sponge.

2. Do not miss the opportunity to socialize with friends and delivered – this energy that sustains you.

3. The paper set priorities and do not allow yourself to one full day of work, and others LENCAR – you need a routine.

4. Practice trust in other people, give them a chance to become good.

5. Cook and enjoy good food, gastronomy is your passion.

1. Do not be sorry you want attention, love or good behavior, find people who know how to provide you with.

2. Do not conceal their frustration, they will come out ten times stronger and up, and you’ll turn immature. Be direct and honest.

3. Do not Advocate the last place to work, because you will not be happy if you’re not responsible for anything.

4. Get rid their passion and energy – whether through sports, art, dance, music.

5. The more often you hang out and try to lead an active social life with different people.

1. wholeheartedly support the people around you – time practice empathy and the better you will feel.

2. Accept yourself as you are and do not justify in front of others, spend time with those who share your views on life.

3. At work, do not take things so much to heart, they gain experience and are looking for something new if you are unhappy.

4. Do not be afraid to interrupt a bad attitude, you’re stronger than you think.

5. Get a pet, they are a great comfort to you.

1. Edit your home, a job and a car, because the environment has a huge impact on your mood.

2. Learn to say “no” and reject people who deserve it, and you will not be embarrassed.

3. Do not close to the four walls, you need people like plants need sunlight.

4. Reduce possessiveness and jealousy, they make you bitter.

5. Deal with those you love – with time you will go far.

1. Be loyal to yourself and to your preferences and do not listen to others, too adjustments with you may trigger anger, breaks relationships and depression.

2. Open up to others and instead of just listening to you, share with them your thoughts.

3. Trust your intuition, she is to you very often true, whatever the circumstances at the beginning of the interview.

4. Do not be afraid of negative emotions – and they have a purpose as a drain valve.

5. Eat a healthy diet and avoid marriage – they are your weak point.

1. Speak openly, honestly and freely – you people because of the price.

2. Have faith in yourself and always try out new things will be changing tastes depending on the life stage.

3. Be sure to insert the life of regular physical activity or sport.

4. Pay less attention to material things and do not accumulate and collect things that you do not really need.

5. Do not agree to the less in love – I’d rather be alone because you will love to come when you least expect it.

1. In any duties and tasks do your best, accomplishment will make you truly happy.

2. Build your character of and tempt him – give up smoking, unhealthy food, exercise regimes perform.

3. Do not be afraid to be yourself and practice the implementation of quality time with yourself.

4. Practice spontaneity without planning, allow yourself to indulge in what your heart desires.

5. Help others without thinking, it makes you a better man and returns.

1. Take better care of your finances, make a plan which will keep and make at least the minimum amount of savings – so you can learn more responsible approach to money.

2. Do not change too often society and appreciate people who love the excitement of new relationships you often blur perspective.

3. Need more intense physical activity – such as running or something that you will be completely exhausted.

4. Do not run away from problems – this is your biggest flaw.

5. Beware of the wedding and the people who encourage you to unhealthy life.

1. Be open to new experiences – from travel to business relationships and offer.

2. Listen to others and give them my advice, they are truly valuable and therefore will appreciate.

3. Do not try that too meets the other, especially romantic partners, as this short time you can lose your sense of “I”.

4. Exercise diligence and set themselves tasks that you must complete.

5. In stressful situations do not run away, but to confront the problem.