HOROSCOPE REVEALS: What did God say to each sign when it is created

It was morning when God stood before his twelve children and each of them planted the seed of human life. One by one he obediently spoke out against him and received the great gift …

You first give this seed in order to have the honor to him before all sow. For every seed you sow in your hand will multiply at least a million. But you will not have time to watch how each seed growing, because the plants will grow more on how you planned. You will be the first with my idea’ll reach people’s minds. Your job will be to nurture the idea that even the questioning but you making people aware of my existence. Your life will be action, action and action only. Because of your dedicated work to give you the virtue of self-esteem.

Aries I silently returned to his place.

To give you the power that You create seed from matter. I trust you big job that requires extremely patience, because you have to finish what you started or the seeds will go to score. Until you finish your task, do not second-guessing or relying on others. Therefore, I give you power, and you use it wisely.

Taurus I silently returned to his place.

There are plenty of unanswered questions in order to share them with others and to understand everything that surrounds them. You will never know why people speak or listen, but in this his quest for answers you will find my gift of knowledge.

Gemini I went back into place.

Assigning you to instruct people feelings. Thanks to my idea, you’re with them and induce laughter and tears to realize that all they see and think, arises from within, from the depths of the soul. I give this family to its fulfillment could no longer zoom.

Cancer I went away quietly to his seat.

Your task will be to the world at risk pointing out my existence in all its glory. However, you have to be careful, not too proud and never forget that I am the one who made the world and everything in it, not you. If you forget this, people will despise you. The work that I trust you with a fun and joyful, but on condition that but do it right. Therefore, I give honor.

Leo I went to his place.

I will entrust to examining what all mankind made with what I created. You need all people to oversee what they do and how to be reminded of their mistakes. Therefore, what will you do for me to give you the purity of thought.

I went back to Virgo.

Your mission will be to serve, to help people look up to you and be considerate towards others. In this way will learn that they have to cooperate together, but also to consider to what they do might affect others. I’ll send you anywhere you be any discord, and we’ll pay tribute to love.

Libra I went out to his place.

You’ll have a very difficult task. You’ll know what other people think, you will be able to penetrate into their minds, but I’m not allowed to talk about what they learned. There will be many cases where this will hurt what i see in all this pain will turn against me and I’ll forget that I care perverse form of my ideas, which causes pain. You’ll see a lot of how people behave like animals, so you and I wrestle with that animal in you and you will be lost, but when you finally get back on track and I go back I will give to these lofty purpose.

I Scorpio return to their place.

I ask that you teach people to laugh so as not to become bitter because they do not understand my idea. Thanks laughter podarićeš them hope, a hope will encourage them to again turn our gaze towards me. Uticaćeš many lives, if only for a moment, but you’ll learn about the unrest that exists in every human being. Therefore, I give endless wealth that you will be able to spread everywhere and light touch every corner where darkness lurks.

And Sagittarius stepped back backwards.

Your task will not be easy, because you will have to instruct people to work. Often you will carry all the weight of the world on your shoulders, because the burden of responsibility includes your brothers and sisters that I have put into your hands.

I Capricorn quietly returned to the city.

You give to the concept of the future to people perceived to have few options in life. You’ll feel the pain of loneliness, because I did not let my love personalizuješ. But because you’re bearing the attention of people that there are new opportunities to give you your freedom so that you can continue to help the humanity wherever your help is needed.

I Aquarius return to their place.

To you I give the most difficult task of all. Skupljaćeš all the sadness of the world and you will take them with me. Your tears will eventually be mine. Thanks to these tears, you will absorb the effect of the human misunderstanding of my ideas, but you sympathize with them and make them still try to understand. Because you have the most difficult task, so I will give you the greatest gift – you’ll be the only child of twelve that you will understand me. This gift I give you to understand because you mean when you’re trying to spread the between people when they do not want to listen.

I Fish quietly departed.