HOROSCOPE REVEALS WHAT WOMAN WANT: Taurus will marry independent cook, a savage Aquarius

If you met a guy who seems ideal for marriage, the stars will you discover that you’re the type of girl to stand in front of the registrar.


Aries will choose the girl that he is equal. It must be safe, brave and a mood for all. The girl who would become his wife shared his need for adventure and new challenges.


Taurus will eventually settle down with a girl who is independent enough to give him space when he needed and who knows how the game is important, despite the hard work. She will appreciate good food, luxury and elegance, because these are things that are important Taurus.


This sign is known for its numerous faces of his personality and needs a woman to keep him grounded. A twin to marry a girl who will keep him on tiptoes, but at the same time be practical and direct.


Crabs are romantic, emotional and caring when they elect marrying a girl who is loyal and reliable. Although this may not sound too exciting, it’s still a pretty special quality.


Men in Leo likes to flirt, they are very confident and will marry the girl which is not a problem to be in his shadow. They have chosen to be a fun, flexible and ready for anything – as long as it is within normal limits.


Virgin need a girl who is intelligent, understands the technology and from time to time likes to experiment a bit in the bedroom. Yes, he needs nerd in your life.


He will marry his girlfriend who is very similar. For Libra is all about harmony, that marriage is more harmonious than two kindred spirits.


Scorpio can not tolerate a lie, but if the girl you choose have to be honest. Scorpio people need to be thinking about his feelings and will enter into a marriage with a girl he considered his soulmate.


He does not like to feel closed or cornered, so avoid girls who like to be too tied to someone. Aquarius will marry a girl who likes change, travel, and it’s incredibly smart.


This character sometimes has a tendency to lose his job and he needs a girl who is passionate enough to draw his attention to the importance of love and togetherness. His chosen ones will love nature, being creative and a person will always be able to rely.


Elect of his heart will not be a slave to old-fashioned ideas, but will be a wild spirit. Aquarius and his wife will have a whole life ahead of me to learn new things and got to know the eclectic people around the world.

The man born under this sign will fall on a girl who is in love with love in the same way that he did. Will work hard to passion in marriage remains intact and therefore many will look as if it were only yesterday returned from their honeymoon.