Horoscope reveals what you mistress: Scorpio is every man’s dream, a nightmare Virgo

Before you take her to bed, be sure to read what the stars reveal about her in bed inserted.


The woman Aries is temperamental and erotic. Excite the love of adventure and experimenting in bed. Always the pace in bed and likes to pose in which the dominant. Love and sex are separate categories for her when it comes to sex knows exactly what he wants, enjoys foreplay and every part of your partner’s body and prone to exaggeration.


Taurus woman is passionate and romantic. Had excellent skills of love and sexual seduction, and aroused a long and passionate kisses and touches. In order to achieve sexual peak has to be completely free and confident. Preferably poses on your back and knees and long foreplay.


Twin wife asking the person who can provide intellectual and sexual satisfaction. He loves adventure, or to feel that way when it comes to sex. It excites the voice phenomenon, and when the bed is ready for anything acrobatic postures to reach the summit.


Wife Cancer is a romantic lover that leaves a true pleasure only when he feels that she is loved. He loves gentleness and long imaginative foreplay. View and gentle kisses her weaknesses a sexual peak is seen as an act of surrender but her need for him and emotional connection.


A girl lion is energetic and temperamental. It is very challenging but also very generous lover. Her sexual appetite is very pronounced in sex is exchanged hustle and tenderness. It is able to separate emotion and sex and her favorite positions are those that can show their sexual dominance.


The wife of this horoscope sign at first glance is strict and responsible. But until the liberation of her emotions coming up with patience and love. The style and technique in sex is very important to her, asking for moderation in all things, and keep an eye on every detail.


The woman Libra enjoys the game of seduction and knows various “love magic” to win partners. It is very demanding in bed and expect special treatment. Preferably fashionable styles and imaginative poses. On sexual fantasies allegations displays of affection and passionate kisses.


Scorpio wife is the queen of transformation. At the time of tender seductress turns into a passionate affair and may be mysterious and emotional at the same time. Can separate sex and emotions, or in what chooses to always give the maximum. A great lover and has incredible passion. He loves challenges her adrenaline.


Sagittarius A woman is temperamental, impulsive and, if necessary, provocative. He knew exactly what to look for in a bed and is very original. In her behavior is looming need for adventure, excitement and domination. Sometimes act unmanageable, or fully surrender to love the excitement as long as no routine and classicism.


Capricorn wife has high standards in bed and constantly growing list of demands. In expressing the feeling is strict and restrained but can be felt and emotional when maximum security. On the patient and safe way to what we would like in a sexual relationship. He likes classical poses.


The woman Aquarius is an unusual and enchanting mistress sometimes not even aware of its eroticism. He loves intellectual stimulation. For her, sex is a blend of unusual emotional and erotic experience. He likes to experiment in bed and standing postures.


The woman in the sign of Pisces is romantic and completely surrenders his feelings. Emotional fervor with her erotic fantasies released. Excite the positions on the side full of tenderness and touch. Her imagination coming out of standard frameworks including sex with her presents realized fantasy. However, if you’re her only game in passing, in a state that is just lying and doing nothing, until all the work is left to you.