Horoscope reveals what you women! Venus in Pisces woman discovers the exotic beauty of the mysterious Scorpio and fatally attractive …..

Venus in Pisces woman discovers the exotic beauty of the mysterious Scorpio and fatally attractive, while those which this planet in Sagittarius late marry.

Venus in Aries

You should, energetic, independent and have a great desire to live, and your rhythm is not everyone can follow. Dobrokontrolišete emotions so as not to be injured. You kind of intractable and arbitrary. You love to compete and measured force with men. Fire you are impulsive and enthusiastic. You are not dependent on a man, and do not accept the traditional role of women in the family, nor to obey men. Can not take a passive partners because they quickly lose interest in them. You have to be first and best. Occasionally you have outbursts of anger and know how to be very rough. You are a “woman warrior”, which requires a strong man who can accompany you.

Venus in Taurus

You’re a very beautiful woman with curves, krupnh eyes, sensual lips and curly hair. Wear good quality clothing and jewelry. Emotional you, seductive, stable and durable. You are loyal, trustworthy person. When you give love completely. You are conservative, hedonist, and enjoy the food posebnoslatkišima. Beautifully cooked, like music and art, and often beautiful singing. You’re very possessive and jealous. Materijlna security is sometimes more important than the emotional needs.

Venus in Gemini

You are youthful, childish, agile, lean, lively and elusive woman. You like to flirt and you often love to play with words and love younger men. Partner In looking for properties brother. You are unsteady, charming and carefree. Sometimes playing with the feelings of others and a lot of you are unsteady. You’re funny story but win. Often you have two connections at the same time. Can not seem to decide between the two, sometimes three men. You can love more than one at a time. Zavodite every word, glib and you do not give up completely, and feelings you are changing rapidly. While chuckling analyze the man that you find his weak points and you will always get a good estimate.

Venus in Cancer

For you love all and strive bezebednoj and true love. You want a partner for life, who will take care of you and the children and have a strong maternal instinct. You are very sensitive and easily hurt your feelings. When you feel that you have not elected you need to seosamite and falling into depression. More like a romantic dinner at home rather than in an elite restaurant. You’re a good housewife and a good cook. Feminine and you really love your kids. Patriarchal and you do not want a lot of career opportunities. According partner is treated like a mother. You are very attached to the family, children and mother.

Venus in Leo

You are always in the spotlight. You are proud and fiery woman, strong-willed and theatrical behavior. Vote lusksuz and wear expensive jewelry, particularly gold. Puno spend and want a prestigious thing, and not tolerate meanness and pettiness. In love, you are demanding, warm, generous and have a strong need to feel special. You will never lose interest in his men, you love but not if you have his attention. Eyes win. Looking for an exceptional love and someone to be proud of and whom you admire. Often enter into relationships with married men and people in position. Do not suffer the weak and less intelligent. Partner booting on a pedestal. Pride affects the stability of the relationship, the one who fooled for you no more, because your pride is trampled. You are romantic, like to go out and have fun. You are open and generous. More important is your position on money and need daživite style.

Venus in Virgo

You are not a classic beauty and not particularly feminine. Puno criticize, hold to much neatness and does not tolerate disorder. You’re being modest, shy, insecure and discreet. Want a serious relationship right now and in the love you have reserved and feelings are under ratio. If you like the details, the little things, and you tend to analysis. If you have difficulty entering into relationships and emotionally unavailable to you, and love you show so useful to others. Emotions express modest and shy. Control partner and calculate in love. It’s hard to relax and surrender to the pleasures. Do you suffer from sexual taboos. Too analyze emotions and you feel unloved.

Venus in Libra

You’re a real woman, elegant and charming. Mild-mannered, gentle, warm and always receptive to others. At good taste and inclination towards art. You are a woman with good manners, not like the vulgar, is not free to say. Avoid conflicts and hate bad taste. You are kind and considerate person. Flirtatious vamp and you are obsessed with their appearance. I can not be without a partner, and it is easy to fall in love. Love you is very important, so you’re rarely without a partner. You are ready to reach a compromise in love. You are not particularly passionate and love does not particularly need to get married and love are often married. You need a connection based on equality and cooperation.

Venus in Scorpio

You are mysterious, secretive and fatally attractive woman, even when you’re at an attractive charisma. With you there is no fun. Accept all or nothing when you love, then it is a very intense and deep. Fearless you when you are vulnerable you become very possessive and jealous. You become vindictive when you’ve been betrayed and deceived. Are you interested in the occult arts and prophetic dreams. In life you care about sex and money, especially other people’s. You do not talk much about yourself, but you’re a great detective, so you can easily find out all about the person that you like it. Extreme’re in that his love or love or revenge. Emotions are important but the passion plays a major role. Through sex you can get everything you want. Skilled partner that you are in love completely subordinate to its pleasures, but also know how to give him such a torrent of emotions and fireworks passion that he never occur without dropping something tries to change in your relationship. Without passion you feel dead. Relax in a very passionate relationships that you are exhausted. The relationship of love between love and hate. Your finances and intimacy are wrapped in a veil of secrecy.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are idealistic, optimistic, you are open and spontaneous. You like to go Golic at home. Moral and pošteni.Intelektualka you are constantly traveling somewhere, learn and explore. You are honest and unbiased. Religious and you are not possessive. Adventure and nature you’re an independent woman who loves freedom and does not like to be hampered. You always have a good time, flirting and open you are. Do not like the boring routine, brake or too pathetic emotional scene. And it’s very easy to go, not even suffer, just pack your bags when you feel that suffocate in an emotional relationship. I enjoy every moment, love life, love spontaneously and is super fun. Regarding looking for a lot of freedom and does not bind the deep partner, because you have a need for change. It’s hard to settle down in a relationship. Strive free romantic relationships and marry late.

Venus in Capricorn

Here we see the need, the desire, the desire for unconditional love that will last forever, until the end. You are a serious woman, who is classically trained. You are the conventional, conservative, reserved, polite, patient, moderate and stable. Venus in Capricorn is often not pretty, is calculated, ambitious and loyal. You are not easy to seduce. Some of Venus in Capricorn cling to relationships because they have a sense of security on material, while other and enter into relationships for the sake of it. Do you like mature and dark-skinned people. In love everything is going slow and you tend to long-term relationships. Hladnai you and you are not romantic. Marrying social status. You’re very good at hiding and controlling their feelings, because you think that it will hide their vulnerability.

Venus in Aquarius

You are a social women love to socialize with friends and you’re surrounded by people. You are eccentric behavior and looks. You are human, independent, rights, “Amazon”, unpredictable, liberal, you are not committed and open-minded you are. I do not care about the opinions of others, do not like to tie that hinder you. You do not like the rules, you are provocative, enjoy the relaxed and unusual relationships. When a man tries to restrict you in any way, you will be removed from partners, because you have already moved towards something new and exciting. You are different, you know that shocks partners from time to time, but that’s your charm. You are not jealous nor possessive and everything takes place on the basis of comradeship and free will.

Venus in Pisces

You are the woman I just need unconditional love and nothing else. Sanjlica’re very charming, whimsical nature, and unusual bleeding heart. Sentimentlni, loyal and willing to do everything for the person you care about. Do you have a subtle character and refined feelings. You are a woman of exotic beauty, seductive, beautiful surreal and dreamy eyes hidden secret. No one can resist you. You are romantic, quiet, feminine and ready to sacrifice for others. Looking for “Prince Charming” – the ideal person and therefore disappoint. You dream of true love, looking for love and tenderness and live for love, because life without love for you does not make sense. Emotions lead you through life, but they conceal because you are shy and unobtrusive. Idealize their romantic partners and are looking for the perfect love. Do you truly love and are ready to sacrifice their own needs. Most men do you attract who tajnstveni, a little busy and those elusive.