Horoscope to your dream job …. astrology helps!

Given the fact that most people use astrology to find love and happiness, it can also help you find the ideal job.


Since in your case Mars makes the rules, then the ideal job involves action. Your color is red, which is probably the reason why the fire department has a lot of male goats. Other potential jobs that seemed to have been created for you to include the work in the army, then preduzentništvu and of course the place where has the most shares – on the stock exchange.


Guided sensual Venus, you naturally tend to work therapist or a career that involves working at the spa or hair salon. The curator of the art museum is yet another job that is perfect for you. Do you like comfort and style, so aim for that and the working atmosphere is just like that. If you are doing a job you love, not a single day of your life you will not have to go to work.


Communication is your specialty, so consider work in the media that will allow you to make the sharp language and skillful mind. With such a job simply will want to get up early and walk to the office. Due to the natural abilities of the unconscious manipulation of people following the sale, and certainly a great choice for you, but also design something that would be perfect around.


People born under the sign of Cancer are perfect for work chef and catering business in general. Progressing in this world, often one day become the owners of their own restaurants. In addition, they are also doing well in the real estate business so that the agents can see more Rakova. As long as you work around people, there will be no problem in choosing the right job.


You were born to work in public relations and marketing is your middle name. The public loves you, and you still prefer drama. Do not forget the remarkable ability to connect with children and reflect on the jobs of teachers and trainers. Lions will be doing any business to be the center of attention, which will contribute to their progress on the business scale.


Mercury puts you at the center of the IT world, having a natural and analysts are able to solve any puzzle. Health, diet and exercise are your favorite subjects, so locate and the field of medicine or become workout instructor. You are completely dedicated to their work, and this is something that employers are greatly appreciated. Calmness and professionalism are the two best features of your personality.


Fashion design is a great invitation for you. Venus allows you to discover the secrets of style that you can charge good. Enter the world of fashion and try to deal with retailing. Are you in creating collections and promote them to the maximum. On the other hand, music is something that is innate, and not bad to think about a job or a professional singer, a teacher at the music school.


Favors the dark side of life might encourage you to become the new Tony Soprano, but you know, and for the better! Research work in state intelligence services would be positioned high on your list of tasks, as well as the interest of surgeons, psychoanalysts or sex therapist. All you can enter intrigue your mind and set you puzzles, welcome to your future career.


For the original Don Quixote Zodiac, philosopher extraordinaire might be your main occupation. Apart from this unprofitable occupations, think about investigative journalism why you travel a lot. These are the professions for which you were born. However, because really love animals veterinary consider the invitation. You are very human and dedicated work, but this is a job that you can really make you happy.


CEO! However, until such position is impossible to reach in a short time, therefore, start with an internship as a business consultant, financial guru or a teller at the bank. The fate of Donald Trump is expecting you. Architecture and Engineering absolutely tailored to your instinctive sense of structure. You’re being very diligent, and you will not be difficult to build a career as it should – step by step.


As a writer of science fiction to work really shaken up the market, but also as a scientist and inventor. If it is impossible or too neisplativno deal with this call are also leaning towards humanitarian work, and you can always volunteer in this area. In this way, strategic in working with these organizations, which will be a valuable experience for a real job.


Painters, poets, filmmakers, dreamers … As one of the most creative signs, look for a job that will help to integrate art spospobnosti him. Photography is something I really love, but do not forget to human empathy calls since you an excellent counselor, therapist or nurse.