Horoscope VAGA-marriage and marriage … Meet the features of your partner …. (ASTRO)

SCALE – wife
Women born under this sign are the most interesting people how to love and sex. Men literally “beautiful” for them. These women are very feminine and attractive, they get from Venus, the planet that is the protector and ruler of this sign.
They look very delicate and have a spiritual view. They are ideal wife for a rich and successful men, who like to treat his wife treated as kind of an orphan in need of constant protection. I often look very exotic, but are not as fragile as it seems. The woman Libra is a good mental interlocutor, broad in his friendships and is able to bring harmony in family life.
One of its strongest points is the talent for harmony and style. She instinctively knows how to deal with people and attracts different social circles. But at the same time, once married, or while married, it will not neglect their family obligations, but will his children and husband to provide all love attention, what is her noble soul always ready, and at all times.
The woman Libra is the wife of luxury. Usually it is very attractive, so it is always surrounded by many fans who closely follow awaiting her attention. However, it is still able to fine balance the relations with other men, so even if someone’s up courtship, never let her flirting gets out of control. This type of women can not stand scandals and since it is very attractive, her life is sometimes more complicated than the lives of other women.
It is usually bestowed with love of her husband. It is responsible and intuitive. Her attitude towards married life is nonetheless satisfactory, but we can say that she’s the best “husband” in the literal sense of the word.

SCALE – wife
What is said to Scales as a wife, it can not be said for Libra men because they do not in any case are not “easy” for people living together. After their temperament does not fit homely and married life, but despite this, they are very passionate, turn tradition, so no marriage can not underestimate. Libra husband is reasonable, he is born judge at all, and no sign of the zodiac can not with so much wisdom to arrange his life as he was. One of its most valuable virtue is that the fate of his home holds in his hands: no other sign of the zodiac does not have this ability. Lower tip scales is not intelligent enough, superficial and indifferent.
A positive type will provide everything for his family, but his wife will provide both elegance and luxury in clothing and jewelry as well as in the home. He is capable of being very patient, but also very passionate. For him, love is great art. This type of a husband may be very frustrated if they do not find a partner that can adequately respond to its affections. But even when you have a good partner, Virgo will sometimes ask for a side trip. However, he never would first think of divorce, even if it is bad for his family life without excitement.