HOROSCOPE: Which sign of your connection and what her future? If these tips do not help, nothing will …..

Date when you started dating or married, has a lot to say about your future together. Some are destined to stay together … If these tips do not work, nothing will.

Aries (from 21 3 to 20 4)

If your marriage or relationship in the sign of Aries, should both be less stubborn to learn when to release the ball. A man should keep the main thing the other way around because if your connection is difficult to survive. In your relationship is important to constantly there are some common actions that you never get bored, and that each of you has your own world that can sometimes be withdrawn. More honesty is also necessary.

Taurus (from 21 4 to 20 5)

If your marriage or relationship in Taurus, know that eating in the first place. However, this includes all types of consumption: food, drinks, trips … Also, you have to learn to be less arguing, a question of money will be the primary. Sometimes both partners can be passive, but the relationship can easily fall into a rut. You must keep an eye on this possibility. The good mutual support in this connection.

Gemini (from 21 5 to 20 6)

In this connection married or if there is good communication, as well as some common joint trip. What is important to other couples, you’re not, so heed to what others are saying. You can not solve all the talking. It is very important to a lot of good work together: go to cinema, theater, walks …

Cancer (from 21 6 to 20 7)

This relationship will be is self-contained if you are both devoted family. Try to see each other regularly with relatives. Partners who marry during this period will constantly babble and ugađatijedno another. The smell of cooked food in the house and the warmth of home will be the primary item of the marriage or relationship. Occasionally go out of the house that you would not have fallen into a rut.

Leo (21 from 7 to 20.8.)

If you get married or start a connection in this period, do not stand up and make a scene unnecessarily. You need both to learn to show more respect for the personality and needs of partners, to be willing to compromise. Another item that is very important is that you keep your private problems for themselves and not to be made public. Maybe sometimes silence can help to settle things. Praise each other, motivate each other, it will speed up your marriage or relationship. Do not order your partner, but you try to be equal.

Virgo (from 21 8 to 20.9.)

No zamerajte each other everything and criticize all the time. This marriage can have a good base, but you have to adapt both. Too much attention you pay to detail both, do not split hairs. Look at the bigger picture, divert attention to what makes you happy and enjoy more of it.

Libra (21 from 9 am to 20.10.)

Marriages and relationships in Libra are stable. It’s easy to come up with solutions and compromises. The important thing is to tune in to each other and to avoid debate. Avoid that you satisfy relatives and friends in any requirements, as may be hearing about it.

Scorpio (21 from 10 to 20:11.)

Marriage, relationship, in Scorpio is strong and stable, but there will be jealousy and suspicion. You need to communicate more and not giving your partner the reason for distrust. Do your best not to annoy other people around. Jealousy will not fix your relationship. Sex is very important in this respect, but every problem can be turned into a passion.

Sagittarius (21 from 11 to 20:12.)

Sagittarius is the sign of adventure, travel, and optimism. Those who start their relationship in this period are likely to stay together forever. It is easy to overcome the problems, all turned into a joke, but it is important that both partners are free. Travel as much as you can, it will always refresh your relationship.

Capricorn (21 from 12 to 19.1.)

Capricorn symbolizes tradition, but this marriage has to be in all the correct traditions. It is important not to burden each other the past, but i do not plan too much. Relax, you live more comfortable, do not worry about your attitude everyday problems. You do not have to listen to relatives, work on their own.

Aquarius (from 20.1. To 21.2.)

This marriage is very interesting, your relationship is friendship and partnership at the same time. Continuous’ll be hanging out with friends, which is very good. Good understanding in this respect. Strive only to find more time for each other, not to be so much turn to others.

Fish (from 22 2 to 20.3.)

It is essential that this relationship be real, not to dream a lot and not fanazirate. Keep in mind to always be something to hide, but it’s not very smart. Do not run from discussing with a partner. This can be a big problem in this respect. Other prolyl the interference of others, so it is best not to open others.

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