HOROSCOPES AND CHARACTER: In October sociable born in March honest and generous

People born in August are attractive, they like to joke, the kind and caring … Read how the frequency of the month of birth can affect the character of …

Born in January

These people are ambitious and serious. They love to teach and learn, always look at the flaws and weaknesses of other people and they love to criticize. Industrious and productive, intelligent, neat and organized. On the other hand, is very sensitive and profound. They know very well how to make the other happy. They are quiet until they become excited or tense.

Quite reserved, but very careful. They are resistant to diseases or prone to colds, and despite the romantic as they have difficulty to express love. They love children, they are good hosts and generally – loyal people. All “januarcima” need to improve social skills. Also, easy to become jealous.

Born in February

They have an abstract way of thinking, but they also like the reality and abstraction. They are intelligent, temperamental, quiet, shy and humble. Characterized by the sincerity, honesty and loyalty are, especially to each other. Are determined to achieve their goals. They love freedom and are rebellious when someone or something is limiting. Too sensitive. Easily express anger, they do not like unnecessary things.

On the other hand, like to meet new people, but it rarely showed. As it’s pretty introverted, though brave and stubborn. Although love entertainment and leisure, they are sharp. Romantic inside, but not outside. Spend a lot of time learning how to show emotions.

Born in March

Shy and reserved, gentle and mysterious. Are attractive. By nature they are sincere, generous, and vindictive. They love peace and tranquility. It is difficult to get angry, they love to serve others, and are very sensitive to others that easy to know how to evaluate. Born in this month adorned and reliability. Also grateful to the kindness and return the favor. The dreamer, and like to fantasize, long travel. Although moody enjoy the attention, musically talented and rather hasty decisions in choosing partners.

Born in April

These people are active and dynamic. They are determined and vigorous, but tend to often complain because of hasty decisions. First of all, an attractive and gentle with yourself and mentally very strong. Diplomatic are comforting, friendly and know well how to solve problems and others. They love attention, are brave and fearless. Although emotional and caring can be so vindictive and very jealous. The adventurous spirit, good memories and are very kind and generous.

Born in May

They are willful and “hard” failure. They have a strong will and are very motivated. I like to attract other attention, naturally beautiful (physically and mentally), or have a firm position. It is easy to get angry, but it is easy to influence them, to calm down. Systematic decision-making despite the sometimes excessive daydreaming (however, are incredibly imaginative and like literature, painting, travel). Prominent speakers, industrious workers who do not like a lot to be at home. They often have pain in the neck and ears.

Born in June

Visionaries that are easily affected by friendly people. The mind of a person born in June, constantly active, and have a lot of ideas. Weights delay, hesitation, generally picky because I always strive for perfection. They are temperamental, funny and witty. True love to joke. They have good language skills, are friendly inclined (they know how to make friends with almost everyone). Also, enjoy the doterujući. They need plenty of time to recover the sign that someone emotionally hurt, what happens (some) quite often because they are poor in judgment. Therefore, know how to be very stubborn and rarely show emotion. Prone to colds.

Born in July

They are secretive, they find it difficult to trust others. Silent as always, except when they are excited or tense. They are very honest, and proud of myself. The tactical, but also affordable.

Very emotional, friendly, funny and sarcastic. Sentimantalni are, know how to forgive but not to forget. The moody and easily hurt, but not vindictive. Annoy them meaningless things and never aggressive (until someone provoke). They behave equally to all, love peace and to be peaceful, caring and are expensive. We sincerely like to be loved, but it is easy to hurt and need some time to recover. Prone to stomach problems.

Born in August

They are attractive, they like to joke, the kind and caring. The solid, fearless and have leadership qualities. They know how to comfort the other, just as sometimes too generous; but rather egotistical, crave praise.

Romantic are considerate, caring, but easy to become jealous. Quick thinking, likes to lead and have a talent for music, painting and martial arts. They love to meet new people.

Born in September

These people tied courtesy and propensity to compromise. They like to point out other people’s mistakes, because they are very careful by nature cautious and organized. Otherwise quiet, but good speakers. Reliable, loyal and honest people. Detailed in virtually everything, great thinkers good memory. Prominent in various types of business, because they love to explore information. Hardly shows emotions and relationships are choosy. Mysterious, enjoy recreation and travel. Indeed, systematic in almost everything.

Born in October

These people love to talk, attractive and kind, beautiful inside and out. Friends are the most important to them in the world, do not like lies and converting them to avoid this very skillfully. Gentle us, it is easy to hurt, but recover quickly. They are always ready to help, but do not do anything of this type until you ask. Pretty selfish, very stubborn and they do not care what other people think. However, the emotional, romantic and extremely fair. Easy to lose confidence.

Born in November

They are full of ideas, unique. Good doctors, if you opt for the profession. Dynamic, curious, know how to “dig” secrets and although not very talkative friendly. Brave and generous, determined, rarely give up. Patient are able, industrious and reliable. No prices praise, do not know how to control emotions or are honest and good at keeping secrets. Insecure in relationships, but romantic and a bit unpredictable, which makes them very interesting.

Born in December

Loyal and generous, active in interactions, ambitious and influential organizations. Impatient and abrupt, people who love to praise, not a scam and not egotistical. Very proud of themselves, they like to hang out, and enjoy the attention that is paid to them. They have a “short fuse” or all of the logical framework approach. They are honest, poizdani and have a very good sense of humor and everyone loves when they are in their environment.