HOROSCOPES AND TERMINATION: Capricorns are alone, shooters become a pain in the ass, but this sign NOW STILL CONTINUES

You are not the only ones termination of a love relationship looks like the end of the world … Or maybe this is not so black? It is possible, depends on your zodiac sign. Check …


Pati much harder and longer than you will ever show. At first glance, the members of this sign looks like they did not care and did not feel the pain of love, but the truth is that suffering immense and infinite. Will withdraw into themselves and only rarely will show you how they feel.

How to get over it: When you pass a “drama” will boldly go to new victories, because – why should a failed relationship let life pass ?!


Ceni peace and comfort of a long relationship. Genuine Bulls will think twice before they decide to terminate the relationship with the partner. If there is the slightest thing that can maintain the connection alive, certainly will not decide to stop.
How to get over: If the worst should happen very quickly, “just ride” into a new relationship in which the power to create unity and harmony.


They are all signs of the easiest to tolerate disruption relationship. As much as talking to them is difficult, they have the ability to quickly forget the bad things that have happened to them.
How to get over: Very quickly after the break you’ll find a true Gemini grabbing a new crush!


Mourn and sincerely regrets the interruption and long. When the relationship falls apart, Cancer feels that his entire world fell apart, which will never be able to draw.
How to get over: The only thing that can alleviate the suffering of his new crush, which will show understanding for the state of his soul. No matter how fine was sick, never forgive infidelity.


Hardly shows emotions, so you certainly will not show how much you hurt him, because it would mean for a Lava lack of self-esteem. Vanity is what heals the hardest, but when they feel the end is near, hastily going to leave a partner just because that they would not happen if they are left behind.
How to get over: not so resentful that their bad experience will not destroy faith in love. Will recover when feed their vanity.


Not very emotional, but bind tightly to people and that is why hardly tolerate interruptions. The break-up connection experience as if the tower that they had built. Change the living space and the circle of the Virgin seen as a personal failure.
How to get over: It will take a little time, a virgin shall gather his thoughts, agree the dice and move on. The routine is what the members of this sign back to life.


Vole harmonious relationship without strife so that when they feel that things are out of control, disconnect yourself. This sign loves to enjoy, but loving relationship makes sense only while full of pleasure.
How to get over: Characteristic of scales, especially men, has a passion for flirting, but often find themselves in love temptations. That’s what will get them back on track.


Very difficult and painful interruptions survives. They spend time in analyzing relationships in order to discover in time the difficulties that could jeopardize their partnership. Scorpio will never accuse themselves of problems, always blame the other side.
How to get over: accomplices feelings, the right jokes to your account, and will itself suffer. After the shipwreck of love, it is not excluded that they may not recover.


Easy survive interruptions, although at first glance seem to fall into a depression from which there is no return. They, however, first of all think of my own happiness, so few people will not let them hurt you.
How to get over: They are very self-centered, but if a loved one leaves, they can become a real pain in the ass who will want to restore the relationship at any cost.


Shy and very hard to find a partner. When they happen once, it’s hard not to terminate the existing connection. When this does happen, it would hardly anyone to share their grief. I prefer to solve their crisis in the silence of your room.
How to get over: Osamiće and think about everything. When they recover will be ready for new challenges.


Termination leads them to analyze long failed relationship, or provide insight from all angles and accept their share of the blame. Aquarius is very difficult to forget, but are not inclined to forgive even though it will never admit it.
How to get over: Time heals all, gives created for members of this sign.


When the end of love, then it all fell into the water. After termination of Fish followed a long period of acceptance of the newly created situacaije and ideas that have been abandoned. Then followed a long period of crying in the company of kindred spirits who will give them a shoulder to cry on.
How to get over: With friends will spend hours and hours in talks about a failed love.