How are you getting along in love affairs? While you’re loyal, you dream of adventure and sin ….


Easy prey for experienced you charmer and seducer, react spontaneously, impulsively call the erotic adventures. Opportunities for flirting prey from all sides, it can be young, charming colleague or that handsome neighbor who never takes his eyes off you. Remorse constant partner, but you get when everything goes.


Although you hardly impregnable fortress, one who struggled out of the good you can be fooled. Chances him grow, if persistent, gentle and gives you gifts, chocolates and flowers, if you have it with you when you need support. If you cuddle and kiss for hours, non-stop, so you will not think of a permanent partner.


The village is easy to seduce, to always yearn for, because without flirting and adventure, your life is not interesting enough. Even when you swear allegiance to the constant partner, chances are that you will not “fall” on someone’s charm. Maybe not when you the gallant colleagues or long-legged, loose-tongued colleague invite for coffee.


While you’re loyal, you dream of adventure and sin, especially if you are standing partner disadvantage. Soft music, a relaxed atmosphere, experienced suitor who leaves nothing to chance, dragging you into an adventure from which we always go out even stronger. In any case, staying in touch with the conqueror or a femme fatale.


Although you are very temperamental, not just turn to the right path. To someone won, it must provide you with much more than a regular partner. For the “queen” or “prince” should be good to try. Only when you make sure that the “victim brings’ suitor can hope erotic secret meeting with you.


You are a tough nut that is not easy to break. Your innate sense of reality prevents you from entering into a reckless adventure. However, this your “tighten” eros, one can not discount, and you can then let yourself enjoy … perhaps with that smiling, colleague romantic or charming, witty fellow.


You like to win you a long, charm, “break” around you … Still, a charming cavalier good manners, hard you can not resist. If discreet and passionate, was born to a romance with you. While enjoying the eternal game of seduction and lectures, a permanent partner, though not being dropped out of sight but not out of hand.


You always, even to love playing for all or nothing. I love when someone is fighting for you! Withstand even prolonged courtship that handsome guy you always swallows the sea in the elevator. If you have any doubt as to their mate fidelity, without remorse, and leave it to the neighbor from downstairs, his secret erotic obsession.


Just as fish can not live without water, so no you can not live without freedom, especially when you are busy. Your fiery temperament and hot, erotic nature, with many desire to be closer to you. Enjoy flirting and adventures, when the suitors trying around you or your colleagues view makes it clear that it wants.


You tend to adventure, but in the imagination. However, sometimes your dreams become reality. Anyone who fails to fascinate you with their professional success and social status is more likely to win you over. But that is not enough. More than romance, yearn for a soul mate, someone who will give you flattered but that you understand.


You usually, “falling” on first impression, physical appearance, especially if you are a man. Optional adventure attracts you so still retain what is most important, personal freedom. If you’re a lady, sometimes is enough friendly smile and chat about common topics, but not harmless flirtation develops into something more.


You can not live without love, and those who view all speeches. Adventures are for you, just to escape from the cruel world that scares you. Your warm, honest approach and sparkles in your eyes can not collapsed erotic grill with several suitors. You can win only someone like you, who can not get enough of tenderness and love