How Astrology win fear-that’s my fear, why are you afraid that you can and beat your fear?

The last house in the zodiacal circle belongs to the rule of Pisces and the house in the birth chart describes our psyche. This is guided house managed by the water, the female character and that means that this house is tasked to describe us and our subconscious, intuition, imagination, dreams and our fears. In addition to the guided house, there are two, and they are also ruled by the fourth water, female sign – Cancer and eighth house ruled by a female character -Škorpion water. These three houses are guided home that are responsible for our emotions, intuition and our subconscious actions. If a person has a good set 12 in the house and its ruler says good aspects in the natal chart with important planets persons (personal planets and planets that rule the sign, ascendant and the Moon’s sign), we say that a person has a strong psyche, use your intuition, good communication with their inner world, but be easier to process certain unpleasant situations, fears, etc. What is most important is that we have a good relationship or should I say easy influence on our subconscious, for example, through dreams, intuition, and to recognize our inner reactions and make them your own team easier and processed. Why is it important? If we do not recognize that we say that is frozen. that certain situations do not act, this means that we try to control our thoughts or analyze something that is an emotional process and you should not let go. Examples include substances. We all dream, only some of us remember their dreams and some do not. We dream of the day and, according to researchers who examined this branch of medicine and psychology, but because of our focus on reality and availability of our mind not to pay attention to the subconscious part of us, which was very active during the day. Dreams can show us many things that we anticipate the situation to warn us or to make a right decision instead of our rational part. The problem arises when a person is separated from his subconscious part of the personality and trying to control that part of themselves through rational ego. Then come up with psychological problems since some of us complain, but facilities that are unfavorable to us want to go out anyway from our unconscious, but people say they do not dream, although actually in a dream right block that unpleasant content reach the subconscious and take them in the morning sets.

If we talk specifically about the sign of Pisces, the person who is born under this sign is very easy to sensitive and unstable in terms of the psyche, or that this woman watermark is certain that it is easier to detect them and to help themselves (usually psychologists have expressed this sign in the natal chart), if the planet that actually says fears Saturn well placed in the natal chart. Come to the conclusion that in fact every sign of the zodiac have some fear and some are more prone to specific fears – the fear of spiders, heights, going public, etc. and some are more prone to unknown fears that are actually related to transgenerational trauma (for this they charge guided home! especially the fourth item rakovski home) so that the item planets that influence the development of fears (such as Saturn eg.) will activate them in life. The natal chart is very clearly visible deep unconscious fear of people, because it will then be activated and Pluto, which rules the sign of Scorpio, and talk about the deeper wounds and fears not only on a personal but also on a collective level (murder, suicide in genetics, accidents in the wars , a global catastrophe, difficult fate ancestors!), so if a person has a personal planet in aspect with Pluto then it will also summon the event in some way similar to the past of his ancestors in order to actually confront him and to beat him. In fact, all the events in our life just invoke the need to resolve a conflict that is in us. What will the events, situations or people attract depends on the tasks that we have a tremendously that we want to solve. Every aspect or tense relationship in our natal chart a planet is just too strong energy of two planets that want to align. If a person has, for example. tense relationship between Mercury or a planet that rules our rational part, with, say, Saturn, the planet that limits us, narrows and blocks (or the planet that teaches us to deal with the past life lessons), a person can very easily have a fear of making decisions, speeches before an audience, say publicly their opinion and may cause a fear of being ridiculed in society, not to be misinterpreted her words, or not to look stupid in public. The cause of these fears is likely strong authority, harsh upbringing or uncertainty in their own knowledge because education usually the father or some authority in the life of a person who did not give the person space to tell their opinion. Mercury is the planet that rules our intellect and thinking, so every tense aspect with this planet can give similar fears (stage fright, nervousness before an exam, encoded thoughts, fear of their own thoughts, etc.). Such fears are quickly solved with the help of professionals. If the planets that are associated with our emcocionalnom foreign tense aspected, is a sign that people may have fears in emotional relationships, fear of commitment, love, abandonment, and if it is turned on and Pluto in this tense ASPK – fear of pregnancy, sex, rape, injury, etc. The most difficult to recognize and treat or fears associated with the unconscious planets, and people fear bears, to say the bones. Tense relationship Mars, Saturn, Pluto is a sign that there is a genetic or past life experiences fear is conveyed in this life. Person is difficult to control but fears and events in your life. Unrealistic fear of death, injury, loss of dear and close people, disaster, was deeply impressed with the people and she can not consciously to deal with it, because in fact a realistic way in this life no event has occurred that would connect with that fear. Traumas fact of such events are inherited, because the family was similar events a person only has the memory of it inside, the pain and suffering of some people from her family (or in the karmic sense to some of the past lives), with which the can not fight. Most often people with these aspects and seek help by working on your mental level through various psychotherapeutic or spiritual raidonice, on discovering his inner world with which they are associated in order to regain consciousness, recognized and accepted.

Certain Fixed stars and zodiacal constellations are very related to this topic, so if a person has a planet just the fixed star that is associated with fear, most likely that it will eventually activate in life through an event in which a person will people become aware of fear or some past life trauma. Stellar constellation Virgo in the sky carries the story of primeval fear, the sign of Pisces. Although this sign is connected to earth principle, Capricorn really is the water or the sea goat or Egocerus, and this is the only mythical creature had legs like a goat (and should therefore be associated with an animal goat!). As he helped Zeus to defeat the Titans with the help of their trumpets known as Panikos (from which is derived the word panic), but whose sound prompted the Titans to flee (panic inexplicable fear of people at once attracts and paralyzes or throwing them in the chase!) . After Zeus defeated the Titans by this monster of the sky in gratitude for the help. Currently this constellation (declination of the 2000 year.) Includes zodiacal degrees from 28 degrees to 28 degrees Capricorn Aquarius, and all fixed stars of the constellation Aquarius belong. If a person has in the natal chart setting a planet on the degree of the constellation, is likely to trigger a deep fear possible through psychosomatic and psychiatric diseases.

The consultation during the analysis charts, the astrologer should pay special attention to the house of the psyche and in conversation with the client become aware of certain situations from childhood, family or situation from this life that could affect the development of fear or psychological problems in a person. Twelfth house that controls our psyche is the house of past life, these are the planets that may be contained in this house a person can see and explain certain situations in which the focus in this life to be done or repeated. The planet, which can also have a major impact on the occurrence of certain imbalances in the psyche and Uranus, which certainly speaks of a sudden, shocking, unexpected situations that have taken place person, and that she can be suppressed. Uranus in this house can cause a dream or unpleasant emotions, anxiety, neurosis, anxiety attacks and so often as the sharp end of a past life (people suddenly lost her life, but has a vague anxiety in the subconscious sense to order a fear of the situation or the way lost her life – eg. neuobičajem fear of driving by plane, ship, etc.).

Win your fears is to be a free man, they said a lot of famous people, a connection with the freedom associated with particular courage. A free man is one who has the courage to change and to recognize their fears and overcome them. At that moment he becomes a healer, not only their souls but also others. He can recognize in others what is in it a rule blockade and to help them. Therefore, the healers but also all the people who are calling, impulses or profession to help others always first try to cure him. Their natal chart abound tense aspects with which they faced at one time. To work on your consciousness underwent painful lesson which has been recognized as a challenge for the development and growth of your soul.

Natal chart analysis certainly provides answers to questions such as – what’s my fear, why are you afraid that you can and beat your fear. The first step in resolving fears is the awakening them, and then the awareness that we are very much can interfere with daily life, we’re trapped in your mind blockades and restrictions for them (I’m not allowed to travel with friends for fear of the airplane or the like) .Tumačenjem aspects that are found in our natal charts can be to find the cause of fear. They can be made aware of the beginnings of creation, and then find the best solution to overcome them.