How is that representative characters prone to fraud ?? Do you have a secret sinner, or are you still faithful to his beloved …


Your partner has managed to catch the “connection” with you and he began to follow the rhythm of your life unbearable. Passionately loves you whenever his opportunity arises … But you opportunities for adventure lurking on all sides. It can be a young colleague that every time you pass staring at you or that handsome uniformed neighbors … your erotic fire spontaneously ignites and, of course, to take the initiative until it happens what is inevitable, at least in your case … A and when you feel remorse, everything has already passed … However, steady partner do not want to lose at any cost!


Anyone who wants to deceive must be very persistent and very delicate, because you’re very stubborn. However, if it is always next to you when you need if you are showered with flowers and chocolates, it will be his only plus in your eyes. If you, your relationships and ties in the bank fails to help reduce a war for credit will eventually gain your trust. And only when you cuddle and kiss for hours, absolutely you “move your mind” and you did then completely surrender … if you get used to it, never more will not be out of their hands.


As the soup is not very tasty without salt, is it not interesting to you life without adventure … As a representative of his lighthearted air sign, at least two persons and two souls, so why not get two suitors? Even if you swear in your partner, chances are that you will again have a weak moment, perhaps, when you are prompted gallant colleagues for coffee or perhaps a drink .. If you are in the waxing rhapsodic about his travels, his chance with you are growing. .. and even when he was in a moment of passion and indulge, it does not have to mean anything because it has not yet won your soul.


You are in fact a loyal soul. But the secret sinner. Children and families are all of you. However, if your husband neglected, your anger will increasingly grow as well as your desire for revenge. Even when your anger subsides a little vindictive zeal weaken, the risk is approaching you, with soft music and gentle atmosphere and experienced suitors who leaves nothing to chance. And so slowly reaches his goal – you. From adventures expose reinforced the case for staying in touch with the suitors and live by the sweet secret, until your everyday life yet not ski.


Everybody thinks you’re so fiery and temperamental to you is very easy to “turn from the right path.” But this is a misconception. Basically you are faithful and you love your man. However, if there is some suitor that you won have to give you much more than your regular partner. Because the “queen” like you should be good to try … And then when you make sure that the “offered up a sacrifice” can not hope erotic meeting with you. But to become your secret flame in the long run, it will have even more to make the effort.


You are a tough nut that is not easy to break. Your innate sense of reality prevents you to take hasty steps. But on the other hand, that your “tighten” eros prevents you to indulge in pleasure. Completely unreasonable to hold some established rules and norms of behavior. Of course there are always exceptions that prove the rule … One, smiling, romantic, who wants to convince you how much you are a woman of his dreams. And there is another, passionate, handsome, very different …


Verni you’re just yourself! After your sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, but you as a great esthete susceptible to all the wonders of the world .. Therefore charming cavalier good manners, you simply can not resist. If at the same time and unobtrusive and genuine, born of a romance with you. Enjoy the ancient eternal game of seduction and lectures, and secret meetings only contribute to your greater enjoyment in life and what is even more amazing – the love of a permanent partner.


All or nothing – is your life motto. Flirting is not out of the question! Or is the truth yet different? And while you’re trying to save the relationship or marriage, the chances of your suitors only grow … resist even long-term unbridled sexual courtship … But if you had to suspect the loyalty of your permanent partner, buknuće volcanic explosion of your passion … And then as rights passionate avenger with relish indulging his secret suitor.


Faithfulness is the meaning of loyalty, friendship and agreement, and the good and the evil. And for that matter, your partner in you can rely on. But without freedom you can not just as a fish can not live without water. Whoever tries to approach you, it will be clear to you in hiding fiery adventurer who wants an erotic trip. But only those suitors who is seen as someone who really knows how to enjoy the game of seduction and lectures.


Your head is full of work plans and advancement opportunities, but you look like you in the head just a job. Until that occurs when both professionally and in your eyes, so exalted that aspires only to the top. Because you know yourself so that nothing succeeds like success, regardless of whether it is a business reputation or political power. You just follow the call of related erotic soul, but what can you offended that your suitor can be a colleague of your partner.


Your friendly smile and innocent flirtations are generally misunderstood. With partner will stay together for a lifetime, provided that you leave plenty of personal freedom. The only dark cloud in your relationship or marriage is the ability to be in your life one day experience a dreamer, perhaps an artist. Only you will know how to realize his true qualities and understand his dreams. And so you might want to fly with him to the “seventh heaven”.


You are a slave of love, and your huge heart is flooded with emotions. Therefore it is not surprising that spark in your view may be collapsed erotic grill with several suitors. Citizens should only confuses you and the cottage, because you can not live without tenderness and love. Therefore, the representatives of your characters often happens to get caught in two or three passionate but no less sincere connection. And when you choose, your love becomes resistant to wind. Fully can be submitted only to someone who is and you need a lot of love.