How people in different horoscope signs are kept secret? (ASTRO)

Which zodiac sign can tell everything without worrying about your secret ever revealed, and to which zodiac sign you have to be careful while talking to him something that you would want to know a wider range of people.


If you have him or her entrusted secret, making sure that they are not frustrated, because at the moment, very impulsive tell everything you do not need, no matter who is in your presence. This, of course, will not do it with the intention of going to out you, but because they do something first, and then think. It’s not very representative guard secrets.


It is stable and persistent, but the bulls poveravajte secret only if you know you agree with what you trust, in all other cases, keep it to yourself. Taurus will try to explain that this was not true and wise, and that themselves, without reason complicate life. Test the story, what do you think about … Well, then, the secret.


Here’s a character that embodies the loquacity and therefore their secret poveravajte not even in a dream. Even if there is no need to apologize to someone fresh news, izleteće quite by accident while drinking coffee with the local bureau of information, or the person who will declare story. So, be wary of the secret testimony Gemini.


Trustworthy and loyal, but if you are going to cry that secret, sentimental, or do not progovarajte. Cancer will offer a shoulder to cry on, comfort, hug, tea … just to give you pomogne.Sve in all the Tropic can count, even if someone else recruits, because she loves-loves and never reveals what he knows.


Lava secrets that may tempt them to boast or to prove someone before, not poveravajte. And if it comes to his competitor, or a person who disliked him, this covenant with you about the secrets will be very interesting and engaging. If you can help somebody to win, it’s there.


Discrete Virgo will keep entrusted information until the time of your departure from it. Then they will try out stories such as “when I remember what all I knew (know) and keep silent, but when I said thank you ..” So, if you long enough with the Virgin and plan to continue to be, open soul .


They are wonderful friends, but it can happen that Vagu some circumstances lead to measurement reasons for or against revealing the secrets entrusted. So, behind their charm rarely hides extreme confidentiality. They are as leaders talk-site emissions and are happy to hear stories about their friends, of course, in good faith.


The secret is to walk scorpion another name. When you put them inquisitors tortured, they were silent. They understand the secrets of the best, because they themselves have in large quantities. And when something oda, apologize publicly, or finds, loses charm and it is no longer to.Slobodno poveravajte everything, even what are you cooking up a conspiracy, they’ll watch your back.


Do not innate verbosity Sagittarius, they were great friends. Especially if the secret chamber with a glass or bottle of talks, the story will not be the end. It may be that thinking that somebody else told you something, you go to a “Kulina bana” talk all they can think of, with regard to all persons who have entrusted them ever.


The true “gray eminence” of the zodiac. These are the rulers of the shadow of the watchful eyes reveal the secrets that i do not want to entrust to them. Capricorns know how to benefit from keeping a secret, because in exchange for their discretion, you will find them arrange a meeting with someone they need for the job. Their finances are the biggest secret.


If you want to be the guardian Aquarius secrets, you have to have an extremely eccentric secrets, in all other cases, they will be laughing your need that here the usual thing considered confidential. At the first gathering of the whole of your society, to tell the crowd with witty repartee, what is the secret to you.


With Pisces do not risk much. One will be entrusted with secrets might forget, and if you remember, will keep them forever, because fish are very mysterious and therefore prefer people with secrets. Sometimes they do not poveravajte something that goes against their emotions, they can out of compassion to your partner to tell you how to cheat.