HOW spotting ZODIAC SIGNS: shooters speak in code a Scorpio …

How shuffling zodiac signs: Scorpio adore correspondence, Aquarius is skillfully playing love him …


Although the Rams great deceivers who prefer to flirt in person, not the message they are not parties. They will find a poem that describes their feelings or to cite a poet as someone enough to bring down.

Romantic Bulls love to play and have fun, love messages. But their messages contain not only text, but also signs and images that describe their emotions. They love the romantic correspondence full of warm words.

They are masters of verbal seduction, but their messages and how these are going at it. Their texts are long and full of the most romantic and the most profound things that will be dissolved by the intended recipient, and if you want to be witty, good will to them and laugh.

Crabs love to express the feeling of the words, but their correspondence was a kind of hobby. This will not reveal everything that can never in your face. Their messages are not overwritten, but deliberately and carefully selected only for a particular person.

Lions would rather spoke and showed than written. They are a necessary evil messages and do not like dating, but eventually one, wise and carefully selected message which should be short and sweet to describe their current emotional state.


Why waste precious time on all correspondence when you can do it face to face? This is the motto of Virgo who do not really like to write about their feelings. When the effort, will send a few targeted messages and if you are not interested in the rights to someone’s message did not see.

Curious and imaginative Scales enjoy creating and sending messages, and the seduction through them. Vole wise and romantic quotations from poems and books can also be ambiguous, and thus to intrigue the person to whom they are intended.

The intrigues of their passion what it means to them and how dating and attracted to. Mysterious Scorpio love to play with words, but above all they are attracted to “tingling” and seduction messages that have ambiguous meanings.

Witty shooters prefer to philosophize, and therefore their messages are very rich and interesting. They fall to the mysterious and somewhat vague correspondence which can be described as the right film courtship.


Romantic and tenderness eager Capricorn loves seduction through written messages. They enjoy to read the kind words addressed to them, but also when they are “warmed up” for someone like to write honestly and openly about their feelings and that someone special open soul.

Aquarians are artists of modern technology and modern seduction. They do not like to “play” the romantic words, but witty and humorous messages, especially those in which it is almost impossible to answer. They love technology and enjoy sending photos and songs.

Fish love messages and correspondence, and this is exactly the way they want to seduce and be seduced. They are amazing deceivers who know very well what to do and when to write, but also weak on the words that are donated to them.