How the Moon act on the individual? What are the phases of the moon? (Astrology)

Lunar phases:

Moon young (0-44º) – a pioneer, a leader, a visionary, a hermit-intuition, creative, ingenuous, as quoted by the “force majeure”, assertive, talkative, best accomplishments achieved isolation from the world, art and political activities, pliable, for it affect the environment, subjective, depression, naive, innocent, expressed the ingenious ways

Moon rising (45-89º) – from the darkness appears a ray of light – a rebel, creative genius, individualist / soc.individualista, rebelling against the established pattern, a balance between light and dark, ego, personality highlights, genius, brave, strong, curious, fear of the unknown, beset them “ghosts of the past”

The first month Forth (90-134º) – half in the light of the half-darkness, warrior, hero, builder, entrepreneur, fight the conscious and unconscious, personal and collective, past and future, the struggle between free will and fate, light and dark, strong will and self-confidence, reacts violently intolerant, antagonisms with others, strong individuality, meets with his dark side, the need to control the environment

Month to full (135-179º) – journalist, writer, scientist – is dominated by bright, facing the world of intellect, unsatisfied, obsessed with detail, striving for perfection, thinks it can always be better, durable, flexible, weight training and promotion

Full moon (180-224º) Intake complete Lights- actor, artist, lover, acrobat, entertainer, “magnet society,” advisor, educational or social interest, connected with the audience, ekcentrik- developed ego, self-esteem, choices for their place in the sun, charismatic, an organizer of social events, “shine” when surrounded by people, feels incomplete until you find your other half, mature, fruitful abundance

Month drop-down (225-269º) – reduction of light appears, the first trace of darkness – a teacher, a pilgrim, mystic, guru, astrologer – understanding your own mortality, understands human suffering, personal or symbolic death after which completely leave their old life behind and refocus his life on a new path, the darkness of intellectual-philosophical level.

Last Quarter Moon (270-314º) – reformer, therapist, shaman, political activist, researcher, explores the psychology existential battle (because a portion of light and darkness), conflict forces of light and darkness, the darkness on the psychological level, inner restlessness and dissatisfaction, reviewed their beliefs, in what sense is not reached

Fourth Month declining to young (315-359º) – barely visible moon ( ‘dark’ moon) – a period of fasting and prayer, “old soul,” more spiritual than others, feels older and more experienced than others, the distribution of dark in itself, does not help directly to the other, he needs to occasionally withdraw from the world, he loses the right perspective, combats depression and pessimism, darkness prevails, mysterious, one foot in the past and the other in the future, clearing the unfinished things from the past that inhibit them to move forward, feels that “different and misunderstood”, “specialist” for termination, “the black sheep” of the family.