How to annoy, but to get in the mood to zodiac sign-here’s what they say about the stars!

What should you do if you want to annoy someone, but what if you want to put back a smile on your face? Here’s what the stars say about it.


If you want to annoy this sign, it is enough to tell him that something would be done later than expected Aries. Or, if you tell him something he knows. That will be enough.

If you want to get in the mood of Aries, make sure to flatter him how he’s the best (in anything). Sometimes it really is. Rams tend to have a lot of confidence, but like to be verbally confirm that they are in something good or the best.


If you want to annoy the Taurus, it is enough to tell him that you do not care what he does, it will immediately be interpreted as if you do not care about him or her. Also, tell Taurus not to eat so much candy that boasts too hedonistic. Those who defend the Taurus to enjoy it much more annoying.

If you want to get in the mood Bika praise his or her appearance. Also, praise and effort these people, tell her she’s worth, for example, to admire how dedicated to her work.


If you want to annoy this sign is enough to tell him not to be so many people to gossip. Also, tell the twins that is not exactly the smartest in the world, he is not worth anything and read all the books. The phrase: “Less talk, more work”, copies them from the clock!

If you want to get in the mood take them to the Twin Towers “game of gossip”, give them their favorite newspaper or a good book, a notebook, a pen or some gadget.


If you want to annoy this sign, try to point out to him some complexes. “It is not good that you are so concerned with the family,” is a sentence that does not want to accept, or not: “You should be more tolerant of others.”

If you want to get in the mood Cancer, go to the “nest” and marvel at what it’s all nice, but do not change too much activity or his established order of things.


Lav difficult to tolerate when it is not in the spotlight. Try to ignore the company and you will see what will befall you. Do not brag, but if you start to talk about their own success, stop and say that you are not interested, so you’ll certainly much upset.

If you want to get in the mood Lava, just leave it to boast and one monologue will be enough for his ego. Praise his hair or clothes, and a generous smile Lava will light you up.


Try to talk as irregular or to speak loudly. Even if you’re late for a meeting with the Virgin, you will sample a rage in these persons. Be sloppy, disorganized, if you want them frustrated.

If you want to get in the mood Virgin, ask her where she got a piece of clothing, which is a recommendation for a book or how to better organize. There is no better advisor.


If you want to annoy Libra, do not compromise. Make sure not to burden what Libra thought, but, lock. It is ejected from a stroke. Also, press Vagu to quickly make a decision and you will see how much will go crazy.

If you want to get in the mood Libra, be nice, show that you are willing to agree on everything, but it sure to include in their plans.


Try not to talk Scorpio is interested in the details. See that you do everything you want and not justice. Be mysterious and does not answer the questions aimed to you buffed. It will not upset Scorpio.

If you want to get in the mood Scorpio try to please her. Do not take her precious free time and do not ask too many questions.


If you want to annoy the Sagittarius tell him that something must be done to delay no longer. Tell shooter that is irresponsible and frivolous. Let him finish a tedious job. They will not be happy at all.

If you want to get in the mood of Sagittarius, give him the freedom of the world to work and create. This will achieve the best possible results. Or take in some time.


If you want to annoy the goat, tell him I’ll be late and that deadlines to do the something delayed or postponed for later. Do not brag. Tell him to work less and do not need to stay longer at work. It will be hard for him to fall.

If you want to get in the mood of Capricorn, then praise him for the work done for any of his or her upseh. Leave the goat to talk about their plans, show interest in his or her “business plan”.


If you want to be a Taurus angry, tell her to sit down and not doing anything to slow down. That she will not like it. Tell her that you will not be seeing her so much that you have less time to spend in drženju or fun, it can not be her friend.

If you want to get in the mood Aquarius, do not irritate the illogical statements and does not choke her freedom. Suggest a walk, evening, napunize house guests.


Make sure that you see a person born under this sign in the morning, preferably on Saturdays and Sundays, if you want to annoy. Make sure you go to your favorite place, but not to negotiate about leaving. Talk about healthy living, t make the fish to healthy food and also iznervirajte. Healthy Living’s absolutely not interested.

If you want to get in the mood this sign, open a bottle of your favorite beverage, or take fish on the two-hour chat over coffee, relaxing at the cinema. Be slow, nice, relaxed. Nothing speed down.