How to attract the love of your life? -Feng shui advises!

To draw a new person, restore old or strengthen long-term relationship you should pay attention to the little details that you Feng shui advises.

Make sure the chair, sofa and deploy so they turn to each other. Avoid sitting in a chair when you are alone at home because it sends the message that you are self-sufficient. Instead, always sit on the couch or on the settee and – imagine a loved one sitting next to you.

The fewer, the better bed
Sleeping on a huge mattress will not encourage passion. If you want, you’ll find the love of your life, and if you have a huge bed, you will have to replace smaller. If you are not able, at least insert pads to reduce at least some free space in the bed.

Prepare for society
If you live alone, leave some space in the closet – so you attract the company. A good method is to always hold the glass two toothbrushes, two washcloth on a hanger because it shows the will and the sharing of intimate things.

Love Forum
According to feng Sui each room is divided into nine squares. The farthest-right corner (as seen from the front door) is known as the square of love. Therefore, make it a special place by here to post lamps, figurines (always in pairs), and image lovers or parfemčiće.

What color – such a connection
Warm colors like pink or red significantly will “revive” your love life. Gentler shades like pinkish, coral and other pastel shades will attract a gentle partner, while the darker, like orange-red and burgundy, attract passionate person.