How to behave zodiac signs stuck in the elevator? Read how to react ….. (astro)

Zamist that in a small space collisions all 12 zodiac signs. I not only found themselves in skušenom ambience, but the situation is really alarming – are stuck in an elevator.

Read how to react.

RAK: What would it?

GEMINI: Wow, we’re stuck!

LAV: Come on, neighbor, what are you talking about! Accidentally stopped.

Device: Ouch, where right now!

RAM: Let’s see what (pressing buttons).

SCORPIO: Hey, neighbor, do not so much!

RAM: You do not say! Do you think it’s better to sit and wait?

SCALE: Neighbor, calm down! This is no time to argue!

Device: And what we’re stuck – no harm done. Do you know what the job is waiting for me?

CAPRICORN: We all have an obligation, but instead of creating panic, let’s do what we need!

AQUARIUS: That’s right. There must be a duty master. Neighbor, press the red button, please.

Gemini: Naturally. Do not react. Wow, will be fun!

FISH: Look at him! He’s even fun!

SCORER: Why not? We’re not going to whine about it?

LAV: Listen up! Firstly, do any of you have some tools?

AQUARIUS: That’s me, but I still can not see what is best to do.

BIK: I do not think I’m kidding with that. This is a lift, but we have hundreds of feet above the ground.

RAM: You do not say! I think I’ll sit here all night? If not soap, it will force (starts kicking the door).

SCALE: Neighbor, calm down! It should not be doing that, it’s dangerous!

SCORPIO: Oh, leave him! You see that he missed some in the head.

RAM: Listen, you son of a bitch! If you want to talk to me, I need you to act like a cleverer than himself.

SCORPIO: With you I can speak, and in a special way, and if you want, we here in the elevator.

LAV: Gentlemen, do not allow this kind of behavior! I’m taking matters into my own hands and I want you to listen to me good. First, calm down!

RAK: How can I calm down? Here, for half an hour standing around helpless.

VIRGO: That’s right! Generally we are not aware of what can happen to us.

SCORPIO: You do what you want, but I can no longer stand it. I have to light a cigarette.

RAK: Ouch, do just that! Suffocate man!

Device: Look vent, it can no longer breathe!

RAM: Oh, let me try one more time!

All but SHOOTER: No!

SCORER: I agree with your neighbor Aries. If kicking roll the elevator doors, we can descend downstairs and out of the elevator.

CAPRICORN: Do not, neighbor! This is not an option.

FISH: Yeah! Who knows what could happen to us while we descend. One might have to drop out of the elevator.

BALANCE: The neighbor, what do you think about this?

TAURUS: You’re asking me?

SCALE: Yes. I see you standing dead cold.

BIK: I do not ask. Now is the time lunch (takes sandwich). When I eat, then I’ll think about the elevator.

LAV: Impossible! Right now you are hungry?

BIK: When I’m hungry, I’m nervous, but then i do not razmišsljam about difficult things.

GEMINI: What are you worried about? I have cards to play, but can not play a game. To share?

CANCER: You are crazy!

CAPRICORN: A neighbor, because you got a sandwich, and you said that you have a solution, but to hear it.

BIK: The solution is simple, I’ll wait until it gets electrocuted.

(Lift starts to shake.)

CANCER, VIRGO AND FISH: Ouch, what is this?

GEMINI AND SCORER: The real fun!

AQUARIUS: Our torment came to an end – got the power.

SCORER: We’re going to get out of the elevator and go to my coffee. This must be celebrated.