How to behave zodiac signs when zaljubljeni- astrological zodiac signs show 12 …..

If you believe that it was written in the stars, look at our astrological see the 12 zodiac signs and learn how to behave when in love and seduction methods that apply.


ON: As a born conqueror, he does not fool around a lot, and his eyes sparkle when she saw a potential “prey”. Not choosing is not much place, nor the time, because it is too impatient, but the attack starts immediately when you saw it. Direct is charming, aggressive and open, and you zasmejavaće jokes and details of their biographies, until you agree to meet again (that night) to see him.

SHE: It is also a direct and always ready to seduce and conquer him when she catches your eye. They’ll get it for a tie (if he wears) or chin, gently draw yourself and tell him with a most charming smile in the world: “You are my”! If her suitor like it, they’ll let him get a little “fry over low heat,” and then it will allow him to conquer. If you’re bored her, and it will undoubtedly make it clear so that you are always with ovnica clear.


ON: I just love that you measured, institutions, courting you and so you wins – at leisure. Be sure to take you to lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant where everyone knows him, will select the best cuisine and the best varieties of wine, and all the time will not take your eyes off of you, and you would end up eating (even olive) from his hand. Around your table will bring together musicians, who will sing and play your songs from a flower seller will buy all the roses – just for you.

SHE: Bira who will allow you to bother about her, seduces and conquers. His appearance, charm, attitude, behavior and gentlemanly manners will not be left indifferent, but if so she pestered him who understood that snapped that she surprised herself. If you liked the Taurus woman, you need to have as much confidence and money, while you know how to seduce – view and touch.


ON: Irresistibly funny, charming and so much informed about everything that you come to take it by the hand, take her home and introduce family members to help them impress as you. And while you perceive as a potential pet, he has already completed half of the work in its nonšalantnoj seductive activities: you smiling while you read a message on your mobile phone, you’ll be in his arms.

SHE: It looks like a little girl, but often not so and does when he wants to seduce and conquer. As a chameleon, adapting their behavior, clothes and even your attitudes or about those who will like you. Flirting is an integral part of her character, but quickly loses interest when you notice that you “bite”. If she is constantly slipping away, women Twin’ll run for you.


ON: Cancer is like and your mother and your grandmother (on my friends and sisters that we are not talking), but you surged wonderful feeling when you just look with your own eyes what a devoted psetanceta you will rejoice whenever you reputation. True, naslušaćete the story of his childhood, grandparents, aunts and cakes, which he will not mind that, while the story about them, staring dreamily into your cleavage. And when the society is toasted in a bar, to be sure, and then thinking – about you.

SHE: Ume with every man, can seduce and win the guy she wants, if he wants. Feminine and loving, challenging and full of understanding at the same time, will make sure you enjoy the sight of her how much you enjoy while you tasted cakes and cookies, which will knead just for you. When you are talking about children of their sisters and their escapades, realize that she was the right woman for you.


ON: The Lion will try to impress you at first sight with stories of their successes in school competitions, sports field and admiration caused at kids from the neighborhood. If by any chance you are asked to sign it, be sure that you will answer: “A right can not see it?”

Gentleman’s manners and a sense that all eyes are on you when you are with him, will be next to feel the lava like you’re on top of the world.

SHE: Pleni attractive appearance, posture and attitude in which you will recognize a little bit of drama and pageantry, and all will be irresistible appeal to such an extent that you will be amazed to hear even the rattling of her jewelry. Whether your hair is gathered or let her fall freely over her shoulders, she keeps her pretty little head as if she has a crown. And with such ease that it was something quite natural. While enjoying the admiration of fans and admirers, that will let you win only if it deems you worthy of her attention.


ON: Virgo will be at first sight You try to impress knowledge of most subjects in science, business, economics, automotive, construction, and practical details of everyday life. He will explain to you as it is to most normal thing in the world to an ice cube that has accidentally touched by putting it into your glass, it can not be the source of any infection due to its extremely low temperature. Patiently listen to you while you mourn him because of low wages, slave labor and the lack of understanding of your boss, and you will quickly realize that loyal Virgo always be there when you need it.

SHE: She’s lovely, chatty, somewhat restrained, which makes it intriguing to the opposite sex, often built model, so easily seduces and conquers men in which is born the desire to preserve so precious for myself. Ume long and carefully listening to you when you talk to her about any subject, but especially sensitive to other people’s suffering and problems, but it will always have a shoulder to cry on.


ON: Before any enterprise or seductive conquest he will first of all try to put hair is immaculately clean, a dressing room enough, even sporty, stylish. Because he will not feel appealing enough to seduce, if it is not satisfied with his own reflection in the mirror. With him, you will always feel like a real lady, and he will always džentlmentski to kiss his hand, adhere to coat, opened the door of the car, you give away candy and flowers and lavishly share compliments.

SHE: As a born seductress is satisfied if it is noticed that at the first meeting takes her eyes off her, because Libra enjoys the admiration of the environment, although often played restraint. Due to the inherent charm, wins the men with ease, but she was often embarrassed when to refuse impatient, intrusive, or annoying suitors. Nevaspitanje and vulgarity is not tolerated, and can often make surprise return the favor.


ON: Departments view and touch and does this woman whom he can to win, if only enough wishes. For his desire is stronger than any obstacle, insurmountable circumstances and impossible situation, so that even what would disrupt the other, for him to be – a challenge. Neither his appearance nor his age never have to do with its power of seduction and conquest, because Scorpio is a real magnet for women: gallant enough, mysterious enough and persistent enough, but it is rarely that a member of the opposite sex can resist.

She chooses, institutions, overwhelmed and goes away as soon as you stop even for a moment that meet its strict primarily erotic, criteria. Dangerous and insightful, passionate and relentless, Scorpio woman wants a man who chooses to be its property, but the problem arises when such men have more than one. Do not kid yourself that you will then leave her, because she does not wait to be left.


ON: You really loves the wind in your hair, faded jeans, driving fast and radio in the car “unscrewed Hour” and even when on the road found a pretty hitchhiker, that’s adventure or romance. No matter how old, Sagittarius man is always ready to seduce you, and the conquests prefer moving on holidays or when enough away from your house.

SHE: Youthful is cheerful, eloquent, gives confidence to the point that you feel like you know her always, but her need for intellectual controversy you impressive regardless of the level of your education at the same time, a woman Sagittarius you brazenly seduces her crossed tanned legs somehow always brings out the planned trip with you, but you still is not enough to know, while you all to accept enthusiastically. Who would not?


ON: Worse than the desire to sit near you, you just watch and enjoy, because it will turn red but with a random touch your skin. Not knowing how to show you how much you’re fascinated, there will be a bit awkward and clumsy, but will make his seductive skills come to the fore when you touch any topic that has to do with education. Then you will look at him with adoration and awe secretly thinking how to kiss.

SHE: The real fire beneath the ice, just because it is so subtle and feminine to the men around her at first confuses respect that awakens in them. Capricorn wife, was to wear a mini skirt, stockings or under the romantic dresses, knows how to awaken the imagination of every man who has enough patience and persistence to seduce, conquer and win her shyness.


ON: It is so debonair, charming and relaxed, that at the first meeting did not have the feeling that you Institutes winning or doing anything like that. To you lights a cigarette, pour any drink into a glass, thoughtfully silent without taking his eyes off you while you talk, rejects calls to mobile phone – it all to you before, and you are not even aware that you are “hooked”. On parting, the man Taurus will not say anything, but you will soon see a message on your mobile phone.

SHE: It was calculated as much as she is important to know how to follow their ideas and way of thinking. Therefore, a woman Aquarius chooses a partner at similar levels of education, attitudes and behavior, regardless of the widespread opinion about her eccentric nature and the need for freedom. Her vanity annual men’s perseverance and willingness to do everything for her, and so do not give up if you want to win Aquarius woman, and she will in turn be loyal.


ON: I do not know how to start courting you, but it seems a bit awkward at first sight provokes sympathy the opposite sex. If married, the society due to the environment that may be it “strikes” for women to play a faithful husband, but will as soon be alone with yourself, switch to a direct attack. And always with a style that involves attention, compassion and chivalry.

SHE: She enjoys seducing but at the thought of a man who she likes, although he will rarely (almost never) admit. They will do everything to seduce you (romantic atmosphere, scented candles, sexy underwear, view before which men rarely remain indifferent), and then it will mysteriously to know that you might be able to win it. And so on and on.