How to interpret the strength of the planet and its intention

When a planet is in for self unfavorable sign, expulsion or decline, it says nothing about its intent. People who have a nice laid planet, specifically in the seats and exaltation does not mean that they are better than those who have a planet in decline or exile. This would mean that in order to start some zodiac signs qualify as good and some as bad. Furthermore, it would mean that Aries and Leo the best means because of the sun in these signs in exaltation and headquarters, and that Aquarius and Libra are not good signs, because the sun is in these signs in exile and fall. So, this is initially false. However, what exactly mostly weak or strong positions of the planets? Mostly on the strength of the planet, as far as she is able to cope and react to external circumstances. People with weak planetary positions are still good people But we have no evidence for this it is necessary that we see and what areas ruled by the planet, which we observe.

The sun is traditionally viewed as a malefic, however if it is good or ruler benefičnih fields, whatever the sign can bring good quality, nobility and generosity. Mars is also seen as a malefic, but can be benefic, if the so-called well-managed companies, such as 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, if you go along with it in a good field, then the results are even better. If the government 6, 8 and 12 fields that are traditionally considered malefic and went hard to the field itself, the outcomes are dominant fields are weak or absent, and if the planet itself in a difficult situation, a person may refuse to work on problems to avoid them or even compensates for severe emotions through unacceptable behaviors, whether direct aggression, narcotics, alcohol, or even some mental illness. Of course, this is not enough, but it is necessary to see whether the planet’s ruler malefičnog fields in contact with benefic and that says some aspects.

Suppose Jupiter is usually good for Venus and brings talent, education, boosts morale, ethics, etc. and this would apply in the case of Jupiter for example Government benefiční fields. However, if Jupiter rules the eight fields and the true aspect with Venus on her can bring great instincts, pronounced sexuality or distorted moral principles. This would mean that a person is justified themselves as highly moral, and that his actions shows how, for example, promiscuous. In this case, Jupiter does not bring great results too. However, due to the beneficent nature of Jupiter, a person no matter how we behave and whatever had the consequences of their actions, I do not believe that they would be seriously experience, because Jupiter primarily benefic, and the nature of the planet never changes … that say Saturn was in place Jupiter and malefic was functional, except that the person would bring restrictions and later marriage, and would bring some kind of melancholy, as it does Saturn.

No matter what planet divided into good and bad, it should be noted that they are not really good or really bad, it means more to have different ways of expressing reactions to something. While Venus, for example, give compliments, Saturn will work through irony. Also, although the 6, 8 and 12 houses are considered malefic houses, and the truth is that they are the enemies of the house, suffering, loss of ego and of course death, however, all we need this so we can continue to develop. We can not expect that we will develop and prosper as a people if we do only good things happen. Had it not been for the war, people would not know the point of peace. If it was not hate, people would not know the point of love.

This is the principle of comparison. Comparison is done through the opposite, so in astrology, each house has its own opposite the house for the same reason that I have little time stated. You can learn about your attitude and thinking while it does not conflict with other people (Series 2-8), you can see and love yourself, until you get to know partners (series 1-7), etc.

The essence of each planet’s interpretation is that in addition to their zodiacal position (manifestation through signs and aspects) check and mundane position, precisely which areas the government’s plans and in which fields are falling. The planet is the ruler of the fields and falls in the same field; For example, the ruler of the eighth field is the Saturn and is in the eighth field, talks about Saturn as a host of fields. As the host, he will not want itself to cause damage, but it will certainly make restrictions in the area, whether they are fears, loss of money, fear of death and the like.

After considering these matters, we should move on to the disposition of the planets and see further developments same symbolic field, and then see what aspects of the real ruler himself, what aspects of the real dispositor of whether or not it is in better condition than the ruler of a particular field. If the dispositor in a better position than the ruler of the field, one would expect that the ruler is in one of Ptolemy aspects (trine, kvadart, sextile, opposition) to its dipoziciji, because it would mean that a person will find ways to solve a particular situation or achieve positive results .