How to keep a man? He will stay with you if you let him know how you really need it ……

He will stay with you if you let him know how you actually need it. Ask him for advice and always inform him how these pieces of advice to help you solve a variety of problems …


When you’re with a ram in a relationship, you have to always introduce some papers and a link is always kept active, because the rams many things quickly become annoying. They will not hear the stories they have heard, so that you always have to keep in reserve some fresh topics of conversation. It would be good to have a lot of different friends and a lot of different things.


Bulls are passionate. The loyal and expect the same in return. Encourage their dreams and plans, and show him that you are on his side. Always he obasipajte bunch of kisses and hugs. And be a good listener.


They see themselves as exceptional heroes, so he is always talking about how brave he is, and he’ll think that you’re his soul mate. They have a serious need for independence in a relationship, so that it always give freedom and make him still a good friend.


Crabs do not like to attack and aggressive girls, however, if the bond be one gentle kicks will be a winning combination. Crabs also love and those little chores so made cakes or a set of steak knives for him may be a remarkable gift especially if it is a gift without any particular reason.


Lions remain in love with a girl who wholeheartedly support the person who is in it (which he generously accepted for who he is). You need to always know what is important to him (playing guitar, cars, etc …), and show him how to appreciate the beauty of these things. Lions are generous, so if you let him have to constantly take care of you, and if you praise her for that, he will be very happy, and with that you will be satisfied with embroidery.


He will stay with you if you let him know how you actually need it. Ask him for advice, and always inform you how his advice to help solve various problems. This will make it feel safe with you and a real man, so you’ll actually be needing it.


You’ll be his true partner and not just an ordinary ring. Be his best friend, Support him in his endeavors, and tries to enjoy his stories. Share your thoughts with him.


They take a little longer than others to be completely open with someone and fall in love, but when opened they are completely loyal. Do not tell him lies and do that next tebeoseća completely safe.


Shooters need a lot of independence in a relationship. If he no jealousy let that little freedom, and always be ready when he is ready for fun and games, it will get the right partner in the excitement and love.


Be honest and trustworthy. What he says to you in confidence, do not be airing another. He is also expected of you constant support and hrabrivanje.


Always you have to give him a little personal space. Be intimate with him, but do not choke too things like babbling, or constantly repeating how much he loves you. To get love, you’ll have and that you give.


They are very sensitive, so avoid criticism, and even if you have a very different view of it, to show in a gentler way. Deeply romantic, but in your relationship always research the influence and even romance.