How to live without sex? What is your zodiac sign deal with “dry days”?

Sexual abstinence can happen to those who have a partner as much as those who have a relationship or marriage. While some people’s lack of sex can not stand without consequences, others do not mind so very much due to the lack of fully satisfying the needs of changing their behavior. How is your zodiac sign deal with “dry days”?


Rams are large sex addicts. Sexual desire is not so difficult to control not tolerate even brief periods of abstinence. In this period are becoming rampant and nervous. Find solace in erotic magazines and porno films, but it happens and that they further ignite the imagination.

When you lose self-control, it becomes a real predator. His approach is not at all a tad tactful, not to mention romantic. Without any preamble potential partner will immediately make it clear that it only interested in physical contact.


The bulls are greedy, but the culmination of their sexual desire comes to emotions can suddenly. That is the reason why the successful control of sexual energy. Although that in no way trying to show how frustrated for long periods without sex can threaten and restrained Taurus.

Solace for their sexual frustration Taurus finds in food or erotic magazines, to relieve his sense of emptiness. Very quickly engages in conquering the opposite sex, but despite the great desire to satisfy his sexual appetite, will show a real passion only in bed.


Curious Gemini love sex and change partners as soon as you feel the saturation of the bonds. For them, sex is very important, and when abstaining, feel disoriented and hard to concentrates the everyday duties.

They become almost boring to the opposite sex in order to take a victim in a bedroom in a hurry. They do not have the nerves for long conquest, however, serve a variety of tricks. How are good actors, very convincing when you want sex. When they get what they want, disappear in search of a new source of passion, although previously promised a lasting relationship and a great love.


Romantic Cancer will be very erotic, but there is no strong need for sex. In the absence intersects samovati will rather than to engage in a relationship with anyone. It has long been the hope of food waiting for a real relationship so long and I can not abstain.

How cancer emotions must be represented the same power and sex, long dissatisfaction will result in disappointment, depression and withdrawal into himself. Over time can even get to the suppression of interest in sex. Many Crab lives in a world of erotic fantasies to him compensation for real sex life.


Lewd Leo thinks about sex 24 hours a day. Although truly enjoys making love, sex and ego kept him but he needed as evidence of self-worth. When abstains becomes nervous and prone to verbal conflicts.

Lions like to praise sexual exploits and the number of partners, but often the opposite sex stand out that are great in bed and promise unforgettable moments. Therefore, a period of sexual inactivity because it hides in the eyes of others want to retain the image of a large and successful lover.


Virgo often very cold attitude can impress the person who does not care about sex. The truth is that they are actually very eager tenderness and pats and their lack of sex pretty hard fall. They can even become very unpleasant for the environment, as evidenced by their anxiety, outbursts of anger and curmudgeonry.

Lack of sexual activity compensated for the work. If the marriage or relationship that is not getting enough sex, Virgo will soon cool down and decide on a double life with a lover or mistress.


Libra is not addicted to sex but about love. They are romantic and cheery prirosde. The problem is that these two concepts are often confused. If his attempts to seduce someone does not immediately bear fruit over another victim.

They do not bear the long loneliness and sexual inactivity, and during this period and know how to exaggerate and indulge in promiscuity. The soul is eternal scales are deceiving, so frequent sexual activity and cooperation of food ego eager certificates and awards.


Insatiable Scorpio suffer from the syndrome of exaggerated sex. Their passionate nature must satisfy instincts, and that more and more. Otherwise Virgo may lose control and become so obsessed with sex that in contacts with the opposite sex becomes violent and intrusive.

When it comes to conquer, they’re not giving up until the other party, awakened his passion, not before. If you can not reach the Scorpio abstinence solve socializing with “friends night”.


Temperamental Aries loves sex in all ways, but it is not dependent. Rado will accept the invitation for sex one night, but the experience quickly forgotten. It is normal to him to make love and not keep it.

He is in everything “his” but abstinence is well tolerated, and the accumulated sexual energy ejects sports, entertainment and recreation. He is spontaneous in all, a good control is perhaps the secret to his success in conquering the opposite sex.


Capricorns are known as people with extreme self-control and because of these characteristics they can long suppress his sexual desire. This does not mean that they do not have, on the contrary, they are very passionate, but they are very choosy when it comes to choosing a partner. Capricorn is sexually active as long as the partner attracts interest.

Therefore Capricorns seskualnu sobriety handle it better than any other sign. They can go without sex for months, even years, and to take it to his behavior does not notice. On the contrary, it works and behaves as if he had just emerged from the most passionate embrace. Often his sexual fantasies substitute for real sex.


Aquarius is not Ucem are not as dependent as about sex, but for a long time can not abstain. They are ready to openly admit how long they were sexually active, considering it the most natural phenomena. In the “dry” period of time, preferably filled party with friends or a hobby in ičekivanju a spontaneous relationship or connection.

Even when long abstain, not eager to conquer. Easy prey for him is not a big enough challenge. No matter how long it takes, Aries wants to win someone he likes.


Fish are often victims of their deep romantic feelings that affect every part of their lives, including the sexually related. How no different sex and love, always in love with those who are in sexual relationships. Members of this sign are not addicted to sex in the true sense of the word but rather the need to constantly be loved.

Period without a partner usually spend frantically searching for a soul mate, while not choose to be the object of his desires, which lead to a bed. When you want someone to win a Pisces can be very invasive, and even fatigue and can not give up. That which can boast that they’re good osvajči and appreciation for it owes its charm.