How to Seduce Any Sign of the Zodiac: Take advantage of these tricks and guaranteed to fall on you

Find out if you’re concerned!


SHE: He is curious, reflective or respond to courtship. Access must be casual. After a short conversation and access to leave. Then he should return, and pretend not to notice. You need to talk with as many females around. When the contact is successful, it should be carried out discreetly. If you let touch the thighs, it is a sign of failure. Download must be done carefully. Would retreat if her hand grasp the pubic hair and she felt pain. Clumsy is not submitted, it is immediately dressed and leave. Having sex should not expect anything. The second day will pretend you do not know.

ON: There are children’s curiosity, and respond naively. Alluring woman for him is like a beautiful toy. He likes being relaxed, a mini skirt can do a lot. It should enter into his field of view, move her legs, but do not watch. He gets upset when they noticed a piece of panties under her skirt. It should go next to him as accidentally touch it. Otdete and return. Until then, have already come and collect you. He wants to finish as soon as possible. Oral sex, language will examine your body. Once she had sex with you, will expect it all the time.


SHE: Here is painstakingly seduction. At the end is worth it because the Bulls very delicate and extremely tolerant. Talk to accept, but does not like swiftness, requires attention and a lot of time. When it comes to sex, we must show patience. Touches to dismiss, but will not run, which will cause, or will not pretend that it is not so. From the first contact to the removal may take a long time. Once up, he’ll do it like that and still refuses. But suddenly will show how much he enjoyed. Having sex for her to be friendly treat. The second day will flee.

ON: If you are too dynamic a person, he will reject you. Suggest you run it or him talking about healthy food, you will not see. He likes to listen. That’s his weak point. Ask him to help in the solution of a problem. As a very analytical person, he will explain the long and wide. As the conversation continues, the relationship becomes more intimate. It’s not over when you took her hand. If you are hungry or if he is sleeping will go. Sex with him is easy and enjoyable. If you are excited and want to penetrate as quickly as possible, you might be disappointed. He goes slowly. He’s trying to meet a partner.


SHE: She’s happy and alive, but also elusive. The logic of her devastating, and it is always at least two steps ahead of suitors. Before saying a word, she already knows everything. Sex fits easily, do not be shy removal. From real sex play, can be removed as a stripper. He likes rougher sex, but does not tolerate babbling and romantic stories. If you agreed to an intimate conversation, he probably agreed on everything. I do not remember faces, but she should be approached as an old friend. Ćudić, but will accept the assurance that from before you. So it all goes.

ON: It is best to seduce the parties. You need to approach it very discreetly, without any witnesses. Hands should be doing more than your mouth. Under the table slide your hand and touch him on the genitals. The reaction will be immediate. Woe be separated from friends and fun, but should not be forced. With sex should start when the party was over. He is a master of sex toys that can come up with amazing things.


SHE: Do you want just sex, shrimp run away. They usually have a life of one or two men while leaving completely different impression. Dress is blatantly sexy, provoke, but nothing more than that. He’ll come with you if you are entertaining, or touch the chest is the pinnacle of success. Is talkative and will talk about your courtship whoever arrives. The Racic is required extreme caution. If you allow sex, hardly there is a possibility of ever more resolve.

ON: He wants to make an impression macho – mana. The deal, accuracy and time for it are imaginary concepts. Seduce him, you can always and in every circumstance. Discounts easy because there is no desire to fight. Take him by the hand and lead. But, you need to explain well what you want, because when the situation is clear, it does not have to be all clear. The sex can be very good.


SHE: Master of oral sex, the pleasure your partner in all ways. On the first ball does not respond, or responds to subtle, intelligent courtship. To make you even noticed, you have to be somebody or at least pretend that it is. If you’re at a party, the girls go around, talk to them, shake hands with anyone and she will notice. The view is that basic. And roll her eyes several times, but did not approach. Only later did she come with a concrete proposal. Example, going after cookies, cakes or something. The sex is exceptional, right is left, leads the game and enjoy.

ON: Master of seduction and a great observer. Observe and assess, then moving. It is necessary to constantly be in his sight. He likes to clean, sophisticated women, and to meet with him to be well prepared. You need to hug the men who were with you in the company. He will observe and assess when the time is right, quietly approached. When it comes to sex, it does not lead to penetration. He sometimes meet and what time you got excited to madness. It can then be withdrawn. But it does not happen often. Master of the erotic techniques.


SHE: dominant and brave, she wins and leads to sex. Very perverted, will all, oral sex is extremely excited, but when she does. Its dominance simply be accepted. Otherwise go. It determines who will make love and when. If an institution should have only one thing in mind-must be freshly bathed and perfumed well. This awakens in her the urge for sex. Love all but the most pronounced rudeness and vulgar words that she needs constantly whispering in his ear. Romance and tenderness to her do not go.

ON: It’s not very quick in making decisions, but it should be approached, clear him know what you want. On everything must think twice. The final decision depends on the assessment of who you are and what you are. Cleanliness of body and pleasant smell of perfume are very important to him. If it determines that you are a person who is worth their attention, will prove to be a real gentleman, and sex as a true master.


SHE: Delicate and meticulous, and shame can not say no. No one wants to hurt you, and if you deduct in the first wave, I’m her more than you. Therefore, after the first rejection back. He likes quiet conversation. With the interview should be made permanent, but as accidental touch. After some time to loosen up. When you start with you all the permits. Forgive mistakes easily, not asking too much. The sex is exquisite, easy to climaxing, trying to fully satisfy their partner.

ON: Like all hunters, and man Libra react immediately when before her the prey. Woman being who looks at him defiantly and smiley he has hunted for him and the reason for the surge of erotic energy. Discretion great works. She whispered in my ear, where it will wait and go peacefully. You should not wait for his answer. Wait and it will come. They will try to satisfy you, will seek.


SHE: Can provide the wildest and most beautiful sex. Seduction of these women go easier skilful. You need to talk to her a lot. But not to her personally pay. It is best to get it through a friend. Feel you think you are intellectually superior, your. Leaves immediately, penetration wishes immediately, they want to have an orgasm at all costs, even when you can not, it will ask you to continue. Her frank sexuality excites every man and leads him to madness.

ON: What is coarser, means that it is up to you to care more. Lots of choice, and the choice depends on his mood. Success is never guaranteed. He likes women expressed sexuality dominant. If you are in a good mood, rarely chooses. He’ll take what he can get his hands. His rudeness should not be seen as violence. When you throw on the bed and shoved against the wall, it means that excites him. You have to meet, oral sex is considered a normal part of the action. If you do not meet, prepare and some graver affair.


SHE: Seduction of these women is a difficult task. It is seducing so it is not debauch, a contradiction that is not easily solved. If you feel that the Institute, run. With her should be treated initially quite friendly. Nothing must indicate your sexual desire. She dresses in a way that is more naked than dressed, but it should not be paying attention. Looking towards her feet all destroyed. It will be evaluated. How she makes the first step, a sign that you have managed to be clear – the concrete is confident, will lead you to where you need. Sex with her is not something you’ll remember, but it can be interesting.

ON: turns on everything on him flee. He’s crazy with passion if you feel that someone does not notice or does not respond to the signs referred to. Wise woman is easy to seduce him. It should be as long as you pretend not to notice, and he will go himself. But caution. After the first contact is not what not to accept. Only when we went to the second or third time, you can take a walk. Then your. The sex can be great, likes different things.


SHE: It is a problem that is very difficult to orgasm. Therefore, it is generally quite dissatisfied. Seeking a man’s good nature, often older than himself. Easy to approach her, the conversation does not decline, a sign that the discount is if you let me touch it. She normally hates someone else touches. Direct is in her no hidden games. They want to know all the details. Sexual attraction to her is born simultaneously with its belief that you are a charming person. The sex comes easily, immediately takes off, not running away from anything, but how difficult it climaxing, a position that he likes it from behind. We should work persistently, but not rough. If not over, not blame.

ON: It is a seductive woman prey to what can only wish for. You can seduce him in any situation. Just put a little more relaxed, and let’s see the contours of the breast, the contours of her panties and he was immediately done. Here words are not necessary. The only problem is they do not like direct access, so if you come to him and say what you want could be withdrawn, despite the strong desire. Therefore, you should not let yourself walked on. The sex is a lot of effort.


SHE: unpredictable, you never know where you are. Her whole body is an erogenous zone, so if pomazite have already come a long way. The seduction of these women is like walking in fog. You can lose, but you can come across the right way suddenly, unexpectedly. With her need to talk long, but in the larger society. Do not suffer too serious discussions. If a situation occurs that leads to sex, it does not happen anything. At any moment can give. It is best to take the apartment, to offer her watching a movie, a light touch. If she comes, will go alone, and if not, should patiently wait for the next opportunity. Likes friendly approach and hates pout.

ON: Convinced that can do everything, and that is the problem. On your attempt he will look very different than you. For him the seduction like window shopping from which to choose something. If it determines that there is no reason to waste time, go to. With him is not easy, but it almost always falls on the same move. It needs to be addressed as a friend and ask for help. Will immediately accept the interview. From that moment onwards, everything is easier. The sex can be amazing. You will not be deprived.


SHE: gentle, the ideal lover. Consciousness is always you. Just show her a sign of attention and she already has you in mind. But, from the first to nothing and will not agree because he’ll run shy, no self-confidence, all fears. Therefore, a good first relaxed talk. The magic word for her – the night. After midnight it should be to get her to a distant city. Slowly go near her, hold her hand, talking about love, listen carefully to her story bordering dreams. Before the first dawn is no longer able to say no. After that first time, you can always go with her. She can have sex anywhere and anytime because it is permanently excited. Burns in sex with her unforgettable moments are spent. Tolerant to a whopping borders.

ON: Shut up about love affairs. Seduce him is not easy because you need to be unobtrusive, relaxed and as natural as possible. He needs a make signs, mainly views. If he sees that you have too cordial relations with male friends, not to get closer. So come on out and check with a friend. It is difficult to decide on access to, and if you went in there, they will confuse yourself. Always he needs support. If something wrong and you say that you did not see. Very good lover, Pažići the vibrations of your body, to find what I enjoy the most and it will work.