HOW WILL YOU LEAVE? Aquarius without emotion, with tears Cancer

Each termination has warning signs, and each of them shows a man in a different way. His zodiac sign is often affected by the fact that to do the termination and forcing to him even come. We know that this can not be considered a scientific explanation, but not bad to know, right?

Aries: Directly in the head

The Rams are not the environment, even when it comes to termination. The most common reason is the fact that they were all tired – Rams are hunters and enjoy winning, but once they realize that they have won everything they wanted, they’ll want to move on. Termination with Aries is quick and intense.

Taurus: No possibility of reconciliation

Bulls rarely initiate termination because their personality difficult to tolerate end a “project” that began. Are loyal and faithful, and the fact that in general there is a termination of their very difficult because they feel they have failed. However, once you decide that Taurus is certainly no turning back.

Gemini: Bi-not

A man of this sign might not just break up with you, even though he knew that it was the smartest. Instead, it will walk forward is sawn and decisions will change several times a day. Gemini extend the termination does not allow you to completely get over them and very often this kind held in reserve while here and there report that they do not forget, even though that is what you want.

Cancer: More emotions

I’ll cry because that crabs do. It is likely that due to the tear will not be able to complete the thought and say why these disruptions. At the end you will not regret it because it is obvious that it is a breach of heavily hit (though he himself initiated).

Leo: Proud termination

The lions often leave because of other people. It is known that this character likes to watch from the side, and when he does that pipka side, a break was inevitable. Very conscious of our pride and will do all that you do not bring upon termination. Lions are strong, determined and sometimes very manipulative and just so broken.

Virgo: It innocent

Men Device try to turn the story and will force you to start on termination. You will study and analyze this, and when you understand what led to say that the connection end, will work to make it happen. In this way they are innocent in all this.

Libra: Graphic

The scale will first weigh the pros and cons of your relationship, and when an invoice is ready, you will sincerely expose the results. Will act as if they were devoid of emotion as they show a graphical representation of the reasons why we should break up but it is not necessarily so – it’s just characteristic of Libra.

Scorpio: stitches

When Scorpio termination of the relationship, he wants to burn. This is a very impulsive character is ready to terminate just because at one point arguing it was his only way out. When termination, termination efficiently, regardless of how many layers of pain.

Sagittarius: Very friendly

Shooters are happy people and they want to spread happiness even during termination. Aquarius will sit down with you and you alone to explain what happened and why termination is necessary. He will not embellish, but will do their best to explain to you why this break is good for you. Of all the zodiac signs, this is the best candidate for the friendship after a breakup.

Capricorn: The list of mana

Capricorn will terminate seen as an ideal opportunity to enumerate absolutely everything he had ever annoyed in your relationship. Termination will not necessarily be effective, even fast because Capricorn should facilitate the souls and leave the impression that he even suffered weather related while they terrorized him his “nonsense”

Aquarius: No emotion

If Pisces wants to get out of a relationship, he comes out of a relationship and shows the minimum amount of emotion while doing it. Tired he wants something new and is considered to be not rouse too much about it. In connection may have been wonderful, but once he no longer feels that his place next to you, that if you communicate without a lot of thinking about how you feel.

Fish: It’s not you, I have a problem

This sentence is a classic when it comes to Fish. The fish are so afraid that they will hurt the other person will do everything to minimize it. It lists all your virtues and all its flaws, only to lessen the blow that brings termination. Of course, this does not work for you but for myself, because it will also reduce the guilt and feel much better after a breakup.