How women like Zodiac … Romantic and emotional (ASTRO)


Although emotional, women have very little tolerance for insecure men. They want a hero who can I overcome all difficulties, and what will be the first draw in a man’s confidence and consistency. They love challenges and adventures, or have a romantic side that longs for a classic seduction. When he falls for a woman is faithful, considerate and generous.


Members of this sign are very feminine. They love to be pampered, but most fall to the men with whom they feel loved and beautiful. For women bulls clichés do not exist, and any sign of surprise and attention in her eyes is a big plus. They yearn for stability and love and are not prone to infidelity, but that they expect the same from partners. Vole elegant and charming men with style who know what they want and how to achieve it.


Gemini women are so lively and versatile that the only thing that is important to them in a partner that manages to follow their pace. They like to be in love, and then they are ready to give your partner everything. Although they love to flirt and enjoy the company of men, when they find the right partner, Gemini women do not think about other men, neither of disbelief. It is very important to their partner that they understand and trust them one of the most important segments of the connection. Are eager for knowledge, they have a fantastic sense of humor and love to people and society.


Very emotional and intuitive soul will attract women Tropic compassionate and romantic men. Members of this sign are often followed by mood swings. They love stability and attract them self-conscious men. This sign of the government’s heart and that is why they are very cautious and slow to enter into a serious relationship. But when one man put into your world, they become loyal relationship and considered sacred. Are related to the family and the partners expect the same.


Wherever they appear, women Lions eye-catcher. One radiates energy and warmth that attracts men, especially those wealthy and powerful. Lively and positive Lavice love to be in love and enjoy when they partner showered with expensive gifts and surprises. In business and in life harder for stability, but in love they are ready for anything. As long as you believe in your partner’s love will give everything, but already at prvoh signs of uncertainty in the partner’s commitment to women Lions are ready for new ventures.


Perfekcionistikinje of the partners are expected to accept this very marked trait. Their equally powerful qualities and sensitivity. When you fall in love, women Device your partner will give everything. One remembers anniversaries and significant moments and like to prepare small and sweet surprises. They are very intelligent and they stand behind their opinions, and it is difficult to convince her otherwise. They like different types of men, and staple them to fall in love not only with the heart, but also his head.


The first impression that women Scales leave to men was flawless look that is remembered. Although perhaps the first and arrogant when it comes to discerning men, these women have such a clear mind that they expect the same of men.

Once connected, they are ready to partner the law offers an affair. They like to talk and enjoy the discussions and seek in all the beauty and quality. They are romantic Idealist who, in search of her Prince, and a few broken hearts.


Scorpio meet a woman completely is not an easy job. They love peace and very difficult to play a man in her room. Although dependent on love, fear of disappointment and failure of which protect the emotional barriers.

Women of this sign in connection enter slowly and surely, and when they find the right partner are very loyal, faithful, and when it comes to intimacy, highly imaginative and passionate. The partner who respects and makes you happy will be happy for life, or the issue is something that the character turns into a real warrior.


Passengers and adventuress changes which are not parties. They have a huge appetite for life that they expect from their partner. Intelligent, strong, women shooters for whatever touches bring great passion, which is why they are attracted to a male trait they have – frivolity and reality. They like pretty physically attractive men. Sincere are people who, when they find true love, ready for a stable, long relationship.


The attitude of these women to life is realistic. Vole price stability and only those people who have certain values ​​in accordance with its understanding. Women Jarce not easy to win. In their love can not comes as a bolt from the blue. Rarely experienced great love and would rather remain single than in a superficial relationship. But when you fall in love, or rather, when they decide to admit it, it will last forever. When you decide that a person is bound, it is for life.


Behind their sometimes ironic attitude, however, be borne by the uncertainty and lack of confidence. Aquarius women love men who meet them mentally and to them is more important than physical contact. This sign has no physical criteria for men because every time you can to attract them something else. They are very fun and creative and friendship, as a partner and from loved ones, they were in the first place. Although they are ready to love, women of Aquarius difficult to admit that they are in love, which can lead to dangerous frictions.


Blue and big eyes like the ocean feature of the women born in the zodiac sign Pisces. Romantic and sentimental Pisces love to be in love – at least in theory. How to be ruled by Neptune, the planet that controls the dreams and ideals, more than anything love to be swept off his feet. How are themselves extremely imaginative, Pisces women want to make every moment special and magical. Their creativity, tenderness and emotion make them desirable mates, but it just may take these qualities into your own world that has nothing to do with reality. Also, they can privlačenekonvencionalni men, and those with pronounced dark side.