How zodiac signs submitted goodbye? How to go through a period of separation?

Much depends on where you measure able to control our emotions and mind while you and the person you love away from each other. How to go through a period of separation, which is sometimes inevitable and ephemeral, but often seems like a real eternity.

RAM – you do not like to be separated from the person you love and you chose your life partner, or if you keep in mind that the reasons are justified, and that both have an interest in it, will force yourself to this feeling of elections with a positive energy. Usually you trust the feelings of a loved one, or rather trust is usually mutual. The most difficult part of this situation is related to the everyday duties and pleasures, miss you everyday trivialities that you share with each other, because you limit phone calls to the most important events. Rams Some will even go so far as to keep a diary while ksnije yourself and enjoy all the recorded events and thoughts shared with a loved one. This is going to represent you special proof of love to the one who is closest to the heart.

There Rams who enjoy departures as this can serve as an opportunity for more savings and less risk. Among the Rams have people who will be affected by a small distance to feel very lonely, and sometimes even work in different shifts that do not allow them to be together as much as they want. To inspire them, however, the time spent together so that quality and that of those moments live when they are not with each other.

Taurus – Taurus Knowing we can say that the separation of flaring his love. Libra is inclined to idealize the person he loves, a separation will mainly use it all the time dreaming of happy moments and conducted a sweet craziness which together accounted for. Taurus terribly missing person he loves and with whom he shares the everyday joys, and it will put her i know. He does not hide his love. When reunited Libra will be eager to bestow the attention and gifts and spoil in any way. However, you must take care not to overdo it with the desire to be of a loved one does not separate, because it may lead the other side to look for ways to get a little rest from you, and from the petty squabbles that are inevitable.

If you do get into a situation that is indefinitely disconnect from a loved one, you will enjoy nurturing memories of shared moments and endure themselves, even though you enjoy to be together all day. Odolećete any temptation, and you’ll even be with the person you love and retell these stories, although there is a danger that you misunderstood. You will continue its work and leading the same lifestyle while you are by yourself, and you will patiently wait for moments of happiness that you’ve dreamed of. Taurus is usually sure of their feelings and only in those situations will be ready for true love to remain faithful until his love is not returned.

TWINS – A person born under the sign of Gemini, will manage to cope with temporary parting of a loved one, but it is very important that the emphasis is on temporality as the Twin Towers in the middle of difficult situations if they know that the difficulties are temporary. All I can endure if you know you will not take trajati.Kada you separated from a loved one, you tend to worry more than necessary. Maybe you catch anxiety and uncertainty on the common future. If you turn to your friends, you’ll realize that they have their own problems, perhaps not of the same nature, but they very significant. Will be paid to so completely, something that has always interested you and you have not had time to review. This will give you the best time to help you pass the reunion.

Gemini will probably choose some little thing belonging to a loved one, or is it reminds and will carry it with them while they are separated. In my prayers and thoughts will remember everything and worrying about their love. This will give spiritual strength to wait for the day when you’ll be reunited with a loved one.

RAK – When you are separated from someone you love, you easily make tears to oči.Postajete naraspoloženi and silent and hint at some shorter separation. Try not to rely so much bad mood because of the absence of a loved one, not even remember when to come back. There are many things you want to do for him / her, or maybe it was not the best time for a complete change in the environment in which you live. Try not include changes eject things that your love-related, because they are old family memories and part of a pleasant atmosphere at home in which both enjoy.

Knowing you, no one would expect to jump for joy in his vocation to go with friends, or perhaps a moment you stop thinking and stay connected with the most intimate friends. Talk to them about what feels good and what entertains you to do while you wait for you dear / darling come back. Your friends will surely understand until they squawk and respect your wishes.

Separation can sometimes affect you that since the return of a loved one would expect so that you eventually meet disappoint. True love will flourish despite the fact that we can not always be at its best.

LAV – For your loved one leave the impression that you support the dictum ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. But the truth is so much of it. You intensive thinking about the person you love and who is temporarily away from you, do you think it makes you is the day you want more. You truly know the longing for a loved one, and even a brief phone call meant a lot to you. Exchange of various multimedia with love messages or SMS love will make you happy, but you can sometimes make the eyes water.

Appreciate any suggestion that the parting last as short as possible. It would help you to know the exact date of reunion and impatiently counting the days.

If you are separated because of marital problems, it will make you know yourself and consider possible ways of reconciliation, and to jointly look for a way to make life more beautiful you.

Device – You like to stick to the established forms of life and behavior, and the changes you do not like when they are not the best, let alone when they mean separation from the person with whom to share life. You’ll get used to living alone, so you can even find something positive in privrmenoj separation. You are prone to let some things go by inertia while waiting to have your loved one door, and agree on any changes will leave for a joint decision.

Child care and maintenance of discipline can become a problem in your marriage, so it is much better to be sure to choose a way of life and work that will guarantee you rarely separation. You are able to store and maintain the same house as they fought for freedom in some distant land. For those of you that there is no difference.

Time seemed to be pulling while you alone while craving and want to be with those you love, but this situation does not allow. You can not isolate yourself and save all of the experiences that love brings. You must learn how to adapt and to go through good and bad, just as you promised at the wedding together.

SCALE – You feel best when you’re happily in love or happily married, so the thought of separation from loved ones for you look like a threat. You’re afraid of the changes that might occur, especially scares you jealousy and financial problems of separation may arise. Such a situation may take just as inevitable or imposed, not as your choice.

Nights are the hardest because you then you whatever best loved one missing. For you it is the most beautiful when they adhere to the one you love, do you smell that you are well known and in which you enjoy. Only one special moment you enough to help alleviate the loneliness when you are separated and that you return the hope that everything will go fast. You must convince yourself that closeness can not disappear just because you have a hitch kilometers. Instead, be happy to live in a time when there are countless ways to be in constant communication with a loved one who is on the way.

You are not the person who will loudly and all the bells disclose how lonely and sad, but it certainly will not be a secret for those who know you well.

SCORPIO – If you are a representative of his characters, sometimes you can disunity and good. Everybody sometimes wants to be alone, but it is important to assess how much someone cares about loneliness and to continue to appreciate. You are very likely a pretty independent person who will be in the best possible way to accept temporary separation from a loved one. His emotional energy will be used for self-improvement and strengthening of their personality karaktetra because you enjoy the feeling that you are worthy of respect, which indicates a loved one. You are not a person who will sit idly by and wait for time to pass, but you can deal with your hobby or a social obligation. Both will later be satisfied with the results you achieve.

Your strong desire to be with the person you love just as it is impossible, it will remain hidden deep within you, but it remains your faith that you will soon be together again. You feel that it is better to love even if I have to sacrifice and be apart for a while, but we never experience such precious moments. You are very sentimental when it comes to some special dates related to you, nap Rimer day you met, birthday or any other important date.

You love to secretly preparing a surprise for the big return, and that moment of reunion is great for both. If you have someone firmly attached, there is this separation that can disrupt your relationship.

SCORER – If the person you love decides or is forced to go on the road for a long time, your adventurous nature will want to pack up and take yourself as soon as you hit the road. You will be delighted if you invite a loved one to keep her company on a business trip, or sometimes simply not possible to join, which will surely grieve. You are known for their slogan ‘No problem,’ and so access to everything. Others see you as a careless person, but when you are separated from someone you love is very hard to you that your attitude hold. Shortly after the separation, you’ll start to complain about how you miss that which currently has. This is an experience that we all experienced at some time and everyone will find sympathy for your suffering.

Bacic is a job that will help you get the time to file a return of a loved one. Although you are known as a big spender, loneliness will be affected to change their habit of this because you will not enjoy yourself while you are spending, but this may prove to be a good time to leave something on the side. You’ll hardly wait to go back again in troškarenje.

In moments of loneliness will rely on close friends more than ever.

CAPRICORN – you loneliness is not a party, but it is much deeper experience when you’re with someone you are emotionally attached. As a true Capricorn, you probably poking fun at the idea that someone can svisnuti of love, but you’re just like everyone else able to experience the same thing, only you will not keep it from themselves and from others. Your craving can override the distance and time. Age can fade your feelings if you are a real and profound, which is in line with the characteristics of your character such as stability, loyalty and loyalty to those you love no matter the distance that you share.

In trying to be practical, try to find ways to ease the discomfort you feel when you are separated from their loved ones. When you are unhappy about parting, even if it temporarily, but you have to admit this to yourself and others, you become grumpy sometimes, and sometimes even spiteful. Since you are by nature a very practical we will try to do separations does not come too often. This kind of separation for you is unacceptable, not only because of emotional unhappiness, but also because of the many costs that this lifestyle requires.

AQUARIUS – In your opinion, reunion with the person you love, and since you have been separated for some time, carries strangeness, excitement and a strong momentum. Such an experience for you as a repeat honeymoon.

Despite the great excitement that reunion can provide, the fixed nature važeg sign may long for a more predictable certainty connection. No matter how memorable moments spent together, you still love like this weekend will not be enough. Meeting you happy, but worries Budocnost awaits you.

You will be better than any other character to cope with the constant departures and returns of a loved one. As time passes, some of you will be tempted to indulge in feelings of change and not the end of a tiny contact between the two is lost. However, there are those who are naturally more stable, loyal and faithful regardless of how long this separation lasted.

Astrological transits you can indicate how the separation of stand-by can last. Astrology can help you better understand yourself and the situation in which you find to stay strong enough, adjust to what is inevitable, and not to let the wave of changes that threaten your relationship.

FISH – For you it is completely normal to feel totally lost and confused when you first find yourself, without the person you love., Until the moment when you yourself make sure that you are somehow already and with this deal. Then you can focus on the job and look to better adjust and go through all that inevitably follows. One can not say that i do not feel the desire or suffering, for you to truly feel. There will be times when your emotions to be expressed strongly, and when you look at all that it is better to not tied to anybody emotionally. But such crises are transient.

It is important to avoid running away from reality, recourse to drugs or alcohol as a way out of this essentially oupšte not. Creative and spiritual approach can make miracles and restore your relationship to its former glory when they meet again together.

Even if you are not going to be apart of a loved one, you sympathize with those who are in that situation. You call them into society or chatting Saone suffering from homesickness. Your kindness and understanding will be gladly accepted, and if the need arises and returned.