I know who longs: Horoscope reveals what the perfect partner for you!

The stars know what you need. Did you know you?


You need someone like you – open and competitive category, but must also be careful. Your partner has to inspire you to think twice before you do something and have to be calm and patient to your suffered sudden attacks of rage. He needs to encourage you to fly, but that you first make you sure that you are strong enough wings.


You need someone who is a symbol of trust. You are not someone who easily believe the people you love and all you’re doing is slowly – sometimes too slowly – but you must be the person who will make you speed up, but also to have integrity and strong moral values. Your partner must be full of energy, but also quiet.


You need someone powerful, do not have to constantly take him by the hand. Understand that you may be confused, but your partner should understand all the mixed messages and confusing messages that you send.


You should be old-fashioned people. Someone who is romantic and when you realize how much you need that someone loves you and cares for you. Your partner should always be there when you need it and must be full of patience. With what must he loves you infinitely, you need a partner in addition to feel safe.


The right partner for you is someone you do is the same – in all possible ways. I do not want that person to fade every time you’re in the spotlight, but you want to be with you, proud and happy. The perfect partner for Lava is strong, but also gentle and knows how to reason with him when necessary.


Do you think your partner has to be very analytical, but the truth is that you would be happiest if you were in a relationship with yourself. Actually, you need someone who is in favor of going out. Literally and figuratively, you have to go out and meet people, to experience life.


You need someone who has a strong personality, but that does not burden you. Do you like the dominant phenomena and people who are able to help you or to make difficult decisions on your behalf. At the same time, it must be someone next to whom you feel comfortable.


Need loyal, devoted and strong person who will always tell the truth. It is not easy to be in touch with you because, when you are worried, you know how to be as heavy black earth. In addition, your partner must have a strong sexual appetite, in order to be in balance with your passion.


Your partner needs to understand that you are adventurous and you need space. This person must not bind you to themselves beyond measure, because shooters fleeing obligations. You need to find someone who will be pleased to know that you care about, although nothing promising.


Bespotreno to say that your partner must be equally committed to the job as you. You’d be happy and when they could secretly check his bank accounts, because you care about your partner’s stable personality. You need someone who understands how important it is to plan the future of each segment.


The ideal partner for Aquarius is a person who can adapt to a minimalist lifestyle. Someone who is not the most important material. You need a free soul, flexible and open to all your suggestions unusual.


You live in a fantasy world, but you need someone with both feet on the ground so that he could your balance and off the heavens when you overdo the daydream. Your partner should be your support and love everything you do, but that at the same time gives you space to create.