I think they are cool and no one can not stand them: This zodiac sign EVERYONE gets on my nerves

They are demanding that all around them are perfect, but does not see themselves

Device has been declared the biggest grudge-bearers and petty people.

RCR’s pettiness and putting everyone on “their place” usually in people who surround them provokes the desire to escape to the other side of the world and never return to their proximity.

Device as, according to horoscopes, as well as elephants, never forget and they do not feel embarrassed to remind you again and again at the moment when they’ve done something wrong, even if it happened in the last century.

It is what they aspire to excellence at the world level, but can not understand that the first had to work on myself.

He says the purists when it comes to other people’s actions and their disadvantages as they do not see. On the other hand, enjoy sex and that they are some kind of exhaust valve, although it will never admit it, even to herself.

Fortunately, we should not forget that not all the same.