If we could go back in time, what would you have done zodiac signs? Škoripija would go back in time and broke up with jealousy, and Sagittarius …..

Aries returned back to the time he returned to his first great love and corrected errors in the family, Škoripija would go back in time and broke up with jealousy, and Sagittarius order to start their own business when they could. Why should the other zodiac signs back in time?

Aries – impulsive Aries, if you could turn back time, would not so easily miss the great love of his youth, and within their families, set to be authoritative and more time devoted to children. At work, to work only what he loves and no one would accountable, and looking forward to their own success on the sports field or shooting some action movie.

BIK – When sentimental Taurus could enter into a time machine, press a button and go back to the days when the only earning money and accumulating stuff would be less possessive and more flexible needs of the person he loves. Already in his youth began to private business, most likely trade jewelry or would have permanent source of income, so as not to have to depend on the grumpy boss.

Gemini – Gemini Agile, when they could be ‘reset’ in his life computer to install some new programs. First, the time to understand the importance of quality emotional relationship, but their love nest to make with someone you love and the time entered into marriage. Try to be more patient and not so much regard for those who worked for them easily annoyed.

RAK – Spoiled Cancer, if you could go back in time, you probably would not bother to today, there is no global warming, there is no danger that video surveillance is canceled, so that gentle Cancer worries and everything he can think of. Less would suffer and panicked, cried and less to be feared, or should, therefore, the business plan was more ambitious, only they spin the clock back.

LAV – If you could go back in time and destroy the root of their fears of chronic ailments or weaknesses seriously to work on achieving their youthful dreams, but to make a hobby out of work and created opportunities to materialize their true desires. There would be no sleepless nights in front of the screen with the movies or games, but Leo would let emotions run wild.

Device – It would be a unique experience for Virgin, if you could look into the past and for the sake of a bit in some detail. Then they realized that they should fulfill yourself some desire, he would buy a boat, sailed for anything more would not be annoyed, but would just like to enjoy the spa. She would sit on a raft, sipping cans and looked downstream relaxed and happy.

SCALE – If you could turn the clock back, emotional and restrained Libra organized to your life so that less suffering for love, and more to turn around his career. At work would be decisive, forgot their diplomacy and lined to each place. No more faking that she is beautiful when it is not, just so as not to offend the one to whom she cares.

SCORPIO – If you could go back in time when he was a nobody, but madly in love, Scorpio to understand that jealousy is useless gossip energy. Less nerve-racking to other, less would be an egoist in love and would have more time for others. Developed your talents and deal with art, rather than constantly be oriented towards cash and due.

SCORER – Could summer Taurus everything to change, if he had the option to go back a few years or decades ago, first as a young but begins to engage in private business which would approach very seriously. To time hiding ‘money for a rainy day’, and in love would not sit on two chairs and waste time on people who do not deserve it.

CAPRICORN – Many things would have been different if the strict Capricorn could back time, would be first released inferiority complex that draws back to childhood. The driving force in the business for the goat would be its value, but not complexes that haunt him in the past. Freed to influence his father, and in love would have been much more open and accessible.

AQUARIUS – If the eccentric Aquarius back in time to spin the clock back, I realized how much better would it be realistic to work, and their talents would no longer be asked for them than repayment. The charity would be more flexible and willing to make sacrifices for the person he loves more time to spend with my family, and less at cafes and restaurants.

FISH – if we could turn back the clock back, Ribe you prefer to be more generous, more reliable and calmer, but also to influence the people who will be important in her life. Looking for love and partners would not require splitting hairs and would change the tendency to quibble, why is their primary relationships generally rule in “every voter finds his doormat.