If you want to win, this you should know: Three traits that his sign down the leg

Each character looks for different partners expect a certain quality. Here’s what the people need …


Who allows him to lead
When you have a need for excitement and adventure
Who enjoys going out and physical activity


Who knows how to price-financial security and how it works
When the passionate
When the romantic and sensual


When the price of an interesting talk as much as they

When a very sociable
When the playful, spontaneous and flexible


Who is attentive and caring

Who will make them feel safe and who understands them
When prices Family


Who really knows how to love
Who is playful and cheerful
Who will be his best friend

Who will help her are organizing life

After helping her when she was too difficult
Who will inspire you to believe in life

Who knows how to deal with her moods

Who is dynamic and always ready for action
Who puts their relationship in the first place

When reliable and they can rely on

When the initiator and full of passion
Who helps them to maintain their strong emotions under control

Who has a broad view and that is flexible

When the free-spirited and spontaneous
Who wants to learn more

Someone who is considerate and caring

Who helps him to be optimistic and to look on the bright side of life
When it can provide a comfortable family life

When not trying to control them or to change them

Who loves their unique individuality
Who makes the passion and warmth in life

Someone who is practical and who seems to know better than them

When the price of their caring and sensitive nature
When a hard worker and does not pay attention to the trivialities of everyday life