I’m depressed: This is how it is going through and how this condition comes from EACH ZODIAC SIGN

Depression is each of us at least once experienced, but with it differently and carried out out. This rather depends on the zodiac sign in which we were born.

“I’m depressed” is the sentence that all we say when we are in a difficult life situation, and in fact rarely has to do with proper medical diagnosis. It’s just that this is a period of frustration, sadness or nervousness, that each of us resolves on its way. E precisely that differ and zodiac signs! Check out how each of them bears with depressed mood.


When depressed, people born under the sign of Aries are furious. His sensitivity they conceal anger, but they are actually needed company and someone to listen to them. They have to learn to share with your loved ones grief as easily as expressed anger.


Taurus to his depression projected onto others and that he can be so convincing that others think how im really not good and that they are depressed. It is true that people born under the sign of Taurus, more than any sign Rug need a break without feeling guilty that waste time resting.


Surrounding almost never observed when a person is born under the sign of Gemini depressed. She tries to overcome excessive work and the frantic need to get together. However, it is not good in the long run, especially if the problem is serious, because his “putting it under the carpet,” it does not solve. Gemini should learn to recognize depressive mood and its cause, and will then be able to overcome.


The largest EMOtionals in the horoscope Crabs know that it is better to have any kind of property, than not at all. That’s why they readily accept and depression and is not a problem that severely em sing “friend on the shoulder.” What each of Cancer extracted from the depressed mood is an inherent optimism that they have.


To delight people born under the sign of Leo is likely to make a big party, which will be overly much fun! The truth is that when you are depressed, they do not know how to deal with this and to accept it as a condition that is. The best way to overcome it is not the best time, but a creative work.


Incorrigible perfectionist Device for this reason zodiac sign that is very susceptible to depression. Their expectations about everything are great, but when they can not fulfill them, fall into sadness. When you feel the mood they are trying to convince yourself that it’s irrational, but all they need is a conversation with your loved one and released few tears.


Most Libra will try to be surrounded by friends when depressed, and what can really help her is to change the environment, some shorter time … But if it happens that currently do not solve the “depressive episode” there is a possibility that one among them take longer . Then psychotherapy desirable and very effective.


Samodestrukcija their “other name”, including depression Scorpio accept it as a way to tap deeper into negative thoughts. They all work in order to have the feeling that they are like a “phoenix from the ashes” when they manage to overcome depression. At such moments for Scorpio is very important to be in the company of someone with a positive life story.


People born under the sign of Sagittarius are known for their optimism and positive mood, so when they’re sad they are trying to overcome it as soon as possible. However, it can often be just a show for the environment, and some shooters can thus be depressed for years, and that the public act happy. The best way to deal with depression is to change their perspective on the world and the belief that everything must be positive.


Depending on how they learned to cope with emotions Capricorns can be pilično prone to depression. When at her west they “build a wall” to the outside world and become inaccessible to the environment. At this point, that must sharp, literally they should shake because it is the only way to get out of depression.


The first sign of Aquarius in a depression is when she “gets short fuse” and easy to attack, usually those closest. What then is important to understand depression as another emotional state and to understand what they go a little harder.


Fish are emotional in themselves, but also very sensitive to other people’s emotions, and are therefore very prone to depression. When you have a strong defense mechanisms, they begin to imagine that the whole world is against them, but in fact it is necessary to understand that should rise from the environment and build a strong personality that will be resistant to external influences.