IM PRIDE IS STRONGER THAN ALL: Three zodiac sign that will never say “sorry”

The main reason is certainly their pride, and a large ego that does not allow them to utter the mouth the word “sorry”.


Aries almost never apologizes. When it seems the word is an emergency, ie when something is so messed up very badly he wanted to now jumped from the skin. Otherwise, when he knows that he is guilty, will ignore and continue to work on their own. If you continue to irritate, be prepared for a fight because only then that leaves language.


When there is a conflict, Leo will certainly fight by all means to win and will vigorously defend their position. However, when he realizes that he was wrong, he will be ready to talk, but then fell to give your speech. In doing so, it will proniciljivo pronounce his words, just to not to drop a loser.


All conflicts in the relationship with Scorpio can be solved, unless you hurt his ego and caused her feel bad. In the event that she is to blame for the particular situation and the other person is innocent, members of this sign would apologize without problems. In doing so, it will be very objective and will never want to turn out to be humble.