Immature, mean and rotten: These are three evils zodiac sign and should stay away from them at all costs

This is particularly important to know if you are planning relationship or marriage!

Horoscope sign which belong to says a lot about your character, appearance, virtues and defects. However, there is a horoscope that will outspoken discover what are the three worst sign toward evil stars.


Obsessive-compulsive neurotics, who stress release clearing house or arranging clothing. Overkill prissy which is not too much is not enough. One does not know love, no emotions are with them comes down to sex. Only the robot can be more collected and colder than the Virgin, and sooner or later will stab you in the back. It will be thoughtfully analyzed and confirmed as the best option for her.

So good you will not even pretend to suggest that the days or months to calculate whether the time has come to eliminate you. And only when it was completely safe, will reveal his treachery.

They are narcissists who only care about their appearance with the search for perfection. Virgo’s no passion, embrace, tenderness, warmth, all the tears that leaves are there because mourns herself, discovers Web cafe.

If it was not, and her neurotic anxiety and rush it because that breaks down and loses its rationality, you would think that you’re dealing with a robot. But do these moments of losing control of her confused emotions. It’s just a reflex, jumping lid on the pot, which should relieve pressure as the water sculptures. Just physics. It is true to itself and to exclude all other people.


Samosažaljevajući autodestruktivci that your misery can not stand alone but must withdraw another 100 people behind. That tomorrow is the end of the world, they should not be shocking, would probably be welcomed by the sadomasochistic orgy. Death to them is not terrible, but fell to the blood and all that ordinary mortals causes dam. Follow them feature jealously possessive psychopath. No sex is mentally ill and they imagine that they are preparing a conspiracy.

Scorpio emotionally immature, rude, vile, vindictive and spoiled brats who do not abstain from anything. Dure and angry, angry, crying, biting, in that moment you my whole being hates my guts. Regardless of age, maturity and a half, when deep scratch beneath the surface, which mainly operates intelligent, dangerous or cunning, coming up emotionally immature person on the five-year child.

But great are resentful and blacksmiths plans for revenge, come back when you do not even remember the reason.


A real slave drivers, believe in destiny to the letter, the word “amnesty” does not exist in their vocabulary. You live next to them all my life, to be married, but you never know what you have to say. Feelings do not know how to express it in words but will instead “I love you” wait for an answer.

Marketed to the social status. Cowards are fleeing headlong as the risk becomes higher. Running away and leaving in the lurch is something you work your whole life.

Emotionally illiterate. Unable to show emotions, let alone that it receives or provides. They are too slow, dark and poor to make him feel real joy and pleasure of life. Stay away from inferiority complexes and frigid cowards.

Capricorn is definitely the worst zodiac sign, so stay away from him. In just two percent of the cases happen to be behind this sign is hiding a good person, but this is very rare.