In A G-A prefer cooked food, soups, sauces and stews!

1. Thinking that the sign of Libra is one of the most beautiful in the Zodiac supporters and experts from the cosmetics industry. They claim that the members of this sign at least prone to wrinkles, why and mature have a smooth and youthful face.

2. In the male to that women who have grown distrust members of this character are in the top. Considered to be the most skilful seducers and flatterers, whose charms is hard to resist. It is obvious that this combination women are still not “full-grown adult.”

3. Sociological research shows that in marriages where the age difference between spouses is ten or more years, the sign of Libra more common than others.

4. If you need to declare that life situations difficult to tolerate, they can decide the situation strained interpersonal relationships and conflict. Often claim to have a guilty conscience urges that as soon iron out misunderstandings, and that is why they are ready to take the first step.

5. When Libra is well developed sense of smell, making them ideal for work in the perfume industry. No difficulty will be the smell of other people’s bodies, so be careful if you hug and kiss anyone else besides them …

6. Contrary to belief, the scales are not passionate about chocolate or a variety of “bacchanal”. Prefer cooked food, soups, sauces and stews, and their favorite is chicken.