Go to British landscapes, dive into the sea of ​​whiskey and speak up gejlik.

Celts are still in the Stone Age inhabited the region between France and the Czech Republic, but there were also in the Balkans. Under pressure from the Germans migrated to the south and west. Feisty and grumpy, constantly fought against each other and have never been able to unite. Brave Celts did not fight on the instructions of the leader – when the fight started – every Kelt would lead the battle for themselves. Their civilization is still alive in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany.

They had a rich oral tradition, and their stories include powerful myths of gods like Brana Blessed Welsh and Irish Dagda – the father of the gods. The Celts were polytheists. They offered to the gods, and even human sacrifice, while the Romans were not turned away from it. Religion is defended them to eat geese, rabbits and chickens.

Their horoscope was based on the rhythm of nature, moon of the moon and seasons with 13 characters which are symbols of different animals.

DEER (24.12. – 20.01.)
Its main features are great ideals, hopes and ambitions. If he wants something to happen, nothing is going to stop. He is thorough, strljivi, charismatic and tenacious perseverance and just this once he can be a virtue, and sometimes mana. He is the king of the forest – a naturally modest, confident, realistic and fair. There will always keep their word. He goes best with swans and Wolf.

CAT (21.01. – 17.02.)
Cat is a clear, free-spirited and original. This symbol represents a superior reasoning abilities – often see things that others do not come to mind. Cuddly, or wild – fearless, very charming and funny when it wants to be. However, he can be pretty cruel if someone is offended or hurt. Excessive pride is its biggest drawback. He goes best with butterflies and seahorses.

SNAKE (18.02. – 03.17.)
The seemingly cold-blooded, she is the embodiment of passion and life energy. It is very curious and full of questions, charming and master of communication. It’s easy to make sure everyone in your ideas and take the city leaders. It is spontaneous, while others think that it is unpredictable, but it will be best to handle difficult situations. He goes best with horses and seahorses.

FOX (03.18. – 14.04.)
It’s amazing cunning, capable and renowned for humor and joy. Many are very attractive because they radiate strong sexual energy. Although it is calculated, the soul is benevolent and wants to care for themselves and for their loved ones. It acts boldly and fearlessly, but such a cold-holding only hides the vulnerability. He goes best with Sokol and bird empress.

TAURUS (15.04. – 12.05.)
People who are born in this period are powerful, loving, reasonable and stable. They pay people in distress, asking for advice and honest opinion. They have incredible intuition and can detect whether someone is lying within the first few seconds. Sometimes they are overly sensitive and prone to frequent changes of mood, but the biggest drawback is their stubbornness. With enhanced flavor, the best match with salmon and butterflies.

Seahorse (13.05. – 09.06.)
Its main characteristics are innate ingenuity and resourcefulness. It is very intelligent, but his intelligence can not be confirmed education – this is life, folk heart. People love them and most were sympathetic, though seems a bit intangible. As far as love life – can be a bit complicated and to create herself in trouble because more water passion than reason. He goes best with cats and snakes.

BIRD CARIĆ (10.06. – 07.07.)
This bird is associated with the energy and the awakening of a new day, and with an optimistic attitude and openness to new experiences. Wren is full of love and warmth that I gladly provides other and can be regarded as a natural antidote to sadness and depression. He knows what he wants and how to get it, but most go if you rely only on themselves. Seeking balance in life, and if you feel that others do not appreciate – and escape to solitude. He agrees with Sokol and foxes.

HORSE (08.07. – 04.08.)
Racial beauty, dominant and powerful – is known for its competitive mood that is very reasonable. He has plenty of talent and confidence, and is therefore very successful in business. Easy to read people and can be said to have a “sixth sense” for them. The symbol of style and authority and is a great friend. His only flaw is that it shakes out their frustrations on others. It goes well with serpents and a swan.

SALMON (05.08. – 01.09.)
Dreamy spirit, he easily finds inspiration and has plenty of desire to be realized. There is certainly a unique view of the world and is very creative, but generally has artistic talent. Sometimes I daydream sinks into isolation and gloomy thoughts, but that it is also necessary to maintain its uniqueness. He goes best with Taurus and Wolf.

SWAN (02.09. – 29.09.)
Eloquent and charming, he’s great at expressing love and conquest. It has a high standard, very demanding taste and much more based on honor and dignity. It is passionate and dramatic, which is why others act distant. Pays great attention to detail and is rarely what it slip. An important challenge fund and controls that give a sense of stability and security. He goes best with horses and deer.

BUTTERFLY (30.09. – 27.10.)
It has an exceptional need for the people, for his great sociability. Its exterior is pleasant and gentle, but do not be fooled – although fragile works, he has incredibly strong will and unbreakable spirit, and will emerge from each situation optimistically. Easy acquires friends and amuses people because he has an innate empathy, a flaw it is that it is impermanent. As each butterfly – flying with flower to flower. He goes best with cats and Taurus.

WOLF (28.10. – 24.11.)
He has a strong sense of meaning and purpose in life, and is extremely hard-working and persistent. He is known for fearlessness and refusal to compromise. Other admire in these properties, but they can sometimes experienced as a snob who rises above the others. It is fair and honest, and our neighbors extremely loyal and loving – though it does not want to openly admit it. He goes best with Jelena and salmon.

SOKO (25.11. – 23.12.)

The main feature is its violence – he knows what he wants and that no one and nothing can stop it. However, if it is not interested, he can become invisible. Price wisdom and knowledge, loves people and is quite generous. He is active and sportsmanship, and for his charisma is known in wider society. It has a strong will, philosophically minded and passionate in all relationships. Mana he is that too much is expected, however, easily disappointed in people. He goes best fox and empress.