In the land of dreams-world that we observe is an illusion, or rather a projection of our mind!

The story of Rahu and Ketu takes us far beyond the universe as we know it. In fact, people see only the things you want to see, or shadowy planets, thanks Vasukijevom great sacrifice by voluntarily submitted, taking us to another reality that can be understood only through symbols.

The world that we consider it an illusion or rather a projection of our mind. In this world we take on certain roles, like actors in a movie or theater through which we identify. Through this self-identification we create our own philosophy of life, assessing what is good and bad, what we want and do not want and like. Sometimes we feel as if we are made of two parts, the head and body, with each of them pulls on his side. In the scuffle with the one on the other side of the golden mean has been elusive and unattainable works. Here we recognize that part of the story about the war between the devas and the asuras, before the advent of Vasukija, who wanted to make peace between the warring parties.

The head often works to the detriment of the body. The body has its own drive behavioral pattern, your code or DNA, that the head can not understand. E.g; head develops obsessive habits to some form of destructive behavior such as smoking or alcohol, which of course be regarded as the body. On the other hand in the body of the written information, such as inherited traits from our parents, and as long as it does not like about his head look like our ancestors and we have inherited behavior patterns. Thus, the head is only his and original, and the body is a collection of memories, a memory that remembers everything.

Of course, the situation can be reversed. The head can have a really original idea, it can achieve deep insights into life, but the body is not able to be rinsed. The body, with its memory draws to be someone or something else. As the body has its head which will not be able to resist. It can be a physical ailments or simply ingrained pattern of behavior that is so powerful that it is almost impossible to say no.

At this moment, we can rightfully ask where he started our own individuality, and where the boundaries of the genetic heritage that we are creating as we are? Or is it true, as most often happens, somewhere in the middle.

This is just one node that prevents us from going off into the darkness, and it completely lost. This node its very existence creates tension, tension that with time becomes more and more intolerable simply forces us to do something, to change something in order to avoid skidded off the road into the abyss of life. If it landed in a ravine means to condemn ourselves to a war between the two sides of his being, chaos and order.

To change occurred we have to do a very simple, but in practice such a difficult thing, and that is to change the existing situation. We need to understand yourself at a much deeper basis. We must understand that we are not what we think we are, but something else entirely dormant napping somewhere far away in the land of dreams. If the country comes to life again, everything we think we know irreversibly disappears. Precisely this kind of change represents a stumbling block, which is totally unfounded. In fact, it’s not something that disappears, but that expands perspective and see things from a totally different perspective. The world is still there, just looking at it through different eyes now.

Everything is relative
To understand this correctly, we have to look again at the story about the creation of Amrit.

In a very impressive way the story tells us about the relativity of what is called light and darkness, good and evil. Perhaps it is best to say that camels are the part of our individuality, our souls that has achieved harmony with the universe, while the asuras that part of us that is still unbalanced, the wild nature, which does not mean he’s bad!

Asure have done the hard work keeping Vasukija head, while the camels were safe. Deve violating an agreement on equitable sharing Amrita with mats, prigrabivši drink for herself. I now how to say what is good and what is bad, if it’s even possible to say !?

Thanks Vasukijevom victim can connect a contradiction in itself. His appearance begins a big change. The warring parties decide to cooperate and the sounds of the ocean are changing the current situation! I see what you created all! Create something that could not exist that they cooperated with each other!

However, to balance the total Vasuki had to sacrifice myself and that is how Rahu and Ketu, shadowy dark, demonic planets that we uncompromisingly and directly, bluntly, faced with our own nature.

Now we are playing with words when we say demonic, because it is just an ordinary human perception.

Rahu and Ketu are not dark in the literal sense, but they lead us to the dark side of the moon, and lead us to our unconscious mind with which people do not want to face. What is this irony, want a change of the existing state of things, but when it is lean, run away from what we can from the root change. Is it true, then search for change or jednostravno frustration because things do not go the way we want? Is it a fear of dealing with yourself? Fear of loss of identity? Fear of disappearance and death? Or simply fear of himself? To this question no one can answer except Rahu and Ketu. Ironically, those of us face every day with our unconscious work, but we stubbornly deny and refuse to believe that it’s us.

“No, it can not be me, because I would never do. This is someone else, not me. “So usually read the explanation that closes its eyes to the light of truth.

I also condemn the other to life that live in and for which we do not have the courage to live through it. Meanwhile Rahu and Ketu ruthlessly, pulled unconscious from everything that we want to be, but for some reason we do not have the boldness or strength to do and be. And when finally their pressure becomes so strong, unbearable and force people to literally become horrified with the knowledge of one’s own being, then what? Pretend that nothing happened and continue business as usual, or to accept the wisdom behind the wall egotistical beings?

So, what can we say about the end of the first article of the shadowy planets?

If we are afraid to face ourselves provoke a war in your own being. Our various aspects of existence are in conflict with each other, so we go from one extreme to another. Do not be quite at home or look like their parents? Do not forgive or that inside me anger and indignation?

This attitude can prove disastrous, because it would be full of poison to the extent that the universe, life, as we know and love will be destroyed to the ground. So the poison we must transform, convert it to nectar in Amrit, and that only if we can stop the movement and retreat into silence. Silence is not merely the absence of sound, silence carries more power than any pronounced the word. Only in silence can we hear the voice of the unconscious, what we repress and what they actually are. Rahu and Ketu will visit us, obsessed with whether we like it or not. But at least we can choose the way in which this will happen. Will it be a sincere desire to touch our true being, our true self, the child himself or will be affected by the storm of denial, concealment where we get hurt in the storm, which we have created.