In which you will fall in love this summer? -Find out which direction this summer summary Amorim arrows!

Find out which direction this summer summary Amorim arrows!

… for women …


Take a Cupid’s arrow to the shooter because it is common knowledge that these guys can help prepare unforgettable moments. Members of this sign will positively affect you, you spreading circle of interests, properly directing your energy.

With the man who is Aries woman will always feel protected, and in bed more than satisfied because in Aries passion is the main driving force in his life.


Find a man who is a Virgo because he is the one who will give you a relationship full of mutual understanding. Taurus woman will answer convenience, wisdom and seriousness of a Device. Joining forces can not achieve much because you will be part-time friends and lovers who will be able to meet each other’s needs.


If you are a member of this sign, then aim for a Leo to his own power and heat “heat” your heart, and body. Man Lion’s like a teacher who will take you to your face has advantages and disadvantages, giving you a boost to your energy.


Cancer wife should pay attention to the person in Scorpio! It is this will be better than all the characters can appreciate her need for warmth, home and family. In a sense, “The Reader” your thoughts will give you a great intellectual emotional. Plus, you’ll never be bored.


Look for an Aries, because only he can to follow your wishes. Your relationship will adorn the high level of tolerance and compromise, although you can argue a little bit because you have a similar temperament.


Suits because Capricorn understands your fears and give you plenty of love and care. Plus, you’re both practical and very real characters that are aimed at fostering family values.


Look for Aquarius because it will know how to satisfy all your erotic senses! With it you will never be bored because they will know how to cheer you when you’re sad or tired.


You need a gentle, passionate and sensual man, where you can find the sign of Pisces. Your relationship will be extremely emotional and turbulent, but the fish will know how and to submit your mood and even your irony and criticism.


Dame under this sign should find a fire of Aries that will afford the desired action and excitement. Plus, Leo will always understand your needs and give you enough space to express and create, on a sexual level, you do not care. The fire on the square!


You need a Taurus because it will give you that which you seek most: security! Both are signs that you firmly believe in tradition and family values, and together you will be easier to achieve all this.


The twins are the perfect partner for your spring and summer. This man will understand your whims and the need to keep individuality and freedom. Plus, you’re both social and always have topics for discussion.


Suits you cancer because its peaceful nature soothe your suspicion and jealousy. Man Cancer will read like an open book and give you the coveted feeling of security.