Indicators in the horoscope, astrological codes, astrological predisposition, astrological rules ….

Indicators in the horoscope, astrological codes, astrological predisposition, astrological rules astrological aphorisms. Also: zodiac indicators, zodiac indicators, codes zodiac, zodiac predisposition, horoscope rules zodiac aphorisms.

What we would like hereby to achieve?

The goal of “astrologers on-line” is that as many people closer to astrology horoscopes and astrological interpretations. We want everyone in the event of his personal, life-sign, and the case sinastrija – comparative horoscope, where we get the interpretation based on the comparison sign two / two partners, see how astrology and astrological methods of interpretation work.

I … it all sounds nice, but …
Different astrologers, astrological different schools have different methods of calculation of horoscope elements and different interpretations horoscope – natal charts. In fact, these differences even though there are large, even contradictory interpretations.
Since the turn unfamiliar readers, the challenge is to find the right balance in how much detail to go with some interpretations of elements of the sign. On the one hand, there is a risk that an important element is omitted, and on the other, that with a lot of information, the reader confused and in the end it nothing is clear.

That’s why we started writing the indicator in the chart-astrological indicators-astrological rules for those readers who want to quickly come up with concrete information.

Here we can check that to me personally indicators we have. For what? What is clearly evidenced by our life, personal-natal horoscope chart.

Money, wealth, material acquisition and possession of material goods in the horoscope – Astrology
– Wealth in general
– Wealth of work – the financial success of their own work,
– Wealth of marriage-partnership
– Wealth of succession or
– Wealth from gambling.

Marriage horoscope, partner in the horoscope, astrology and marriage, astrology and Partnership
– Actions in favor of marriage, easy entry into marriage, marriage proposals
– indicators of a marriage
– A later entry into marriage
– Difficult entry into marriage
– More marriages
– The marriage with an older person
– Marriage to a stranger, a person of another faith or culture
– Marriage with a very nice partner
– Happy marriage

talents in the horoscope, astrology and talent of
– The talent for music and painting
– talent with languages ​​and writing (poetry, prose)
– The talent for dance and ballet
– The talent for acting
– The talent for singing
– The talent for sport
– The talent for mathematics and chess
– Talent Policy

career horoscope, interest in the horoscope
– Career
– Electrical Engineering and Computing
– Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
– Medicine, doctor, anesthesiology
– dentistry, dentists
– Surgery, Surgeon
– Journalism, journalism, journalist
– Photography, photographer, camera, cameraman
– Working as an educator, teacher, teacher, professor
– law, lawyer, attorney, judge
– The flight attendant, flight attendant
– The driver, taxi driver
– Pilot
– Tourism
– cook, baker
– army, police, fire department, a soldier, a policeman, a fireman
– diplomacy, diplomat, ambassador, consul
– Astrology, astrologer
– Religion and Spirituality
– Food Technology, Nutritionists
– Veterinary, veterinarian
– Economics – Economist
– Psychology – Psychologist – Psychiatrist
– Insurance
– Publishing – publisher of books

Sexual preference in the horoscope
– deceivers and deceivers
– Sadism
– Masochism
– Bachelors
– Accented sexual needs
– nymphomania
– Promiscuity, parallel relationship, infidelity