Indicators karmic love – ,, like him / her know all my life, I’m just wondering where he was so far “

With certain people have a special energy relationship, verbal is hard to explain it, and the purpose of these links is to teach us something. Such links, any love, family, friendship is characterized by a sense of well-known and more experienced experiences. However, the relationship between these people may not always be easy.

On the contrary, it can be accompanied by many obstacles, whether they are physical in nature, such as, for example, physical separation partner or psychological nature, where partners face some previous karmic lessons in the form of fear, uncertainty about, the problem of binding and January.

In astrology, these connections over very recognizable:

-Aspekata sun and moon, especially the more difficult aspects such as opposition and conjunction. *** Moon conjunction with the Sun represents the new moon, and the opposition of the Sun and the Moon, Full Moon. ***

-Aspekata Venus and Mars, this aspect is mainly refers to the physical attraction, where people represented by Venus loves the energy the person represented by the planet Mars. In this combination it is better that the woman Venus, Mars and the man, although the reverse combination, harmonious. Beautiful aspects will harmonize the relationship, while striving to boost passion, but also the debate.

-Aspekti among Venero talk about interests and how partners are enjoying one another.

-Aspekti Venus and Pluto may enhance sexuality, and possessiveness and control. The person shown Pluto pulls the person depicted Venus in the quarters of Hades!

This means that in a good aspect, people Venera be their most primitive instincts and comes in Dodro with his true nature, while difficult aspects of getting a little sick, prone to jealousy and eternal doubts.

-Aspekti with Lilit also may enhance sexuality and passion, the only problem is that when the energy is manifest, goes to destruction if there are some other aspects that will stabilize the relationship.

-Heading planet especially in corners 1-7, and the match ASC-DESC axis with your partner can be a strong indicator of compatibility, namely a clear view of the emotional needs of our partners.

-Konjunkcije with Vertex point can also be strong indicators of kinship, given that this is an alternative point of Ascendant.

-Contact planets, especially the Sun and the Moon with Saturn reinforce the importance of partnerships, especially learning and karma, which are aspects to Saturn weighs, the harder they learned and require greater effort from the partners.

Absolutely not should not forget the South and the North Node, conjunctions and special squares with them reinforce the importance of connections and make it somehow agreed. The person who presents the planets in the same sign as the North Node other people talk about the relationship, where the person with the planet learns something a person with the North Node. This is the attitude of learning.

On the other hand, if the stronger aspects to the South node, it is possible that the relationship continues from the previous life, but that this must be stopped or somehow circle.

Through karmic relationships we learn, and how the learning process of development and gaining experience (often leaving the previously learned patterns of behavior) can be perceived as painful, pointless and somewhat frightening. The only way to see something that is sure to experience something that is not. The world around them, and thus meet the love of opposites.