Indicators of prostitution in astrology – aspects in the natal chart

The Greek word for prostitution is πόρνη (porn) is derived from the verb pernemi (sell). The English word pornography is derived from the Greek word πόρνη. In ancient Greek society, prostitution is dealt with both men and women. Women who engaged in prostitution were often very well-known and influential, and had to pay taxes and carry recognizable clothes. Some, who were known for their beauty are more charged for their services.

There were several categories of prostitution, women in the status of slaves have mostly been used for sexual services, among them even the children whose parents have left. They had their slave owners that they scheduled it to customers and charging.

The second category includes women who are no longer slaves, have gained a certain freedom to decide for themselves who they sleep.

The third category includes straight, learned and very powerful women, who in addition to sexual services could be included in discussions with scholars. Male prostitution are mostly young men engaged in the adolescent period. Service users and male and female prostitution were mostly men.

In ancient Rome prostitution was also widespread and legal and prostitution are dealt with both sexes, with no moral disapproval or sanctions, all while consuming moderate sexual activity. Although prostitution is considered permissible, the business of prostitution is considered shameful. Prostitution were mainly engaged slaves or former slaves, and people on the margins. Everything indicates that the Romans had an ambivalent attitude towards prostitution.

Also there were prostitutes who had a certain status in society, and earned him a good and moral deeds and prostitutes who were only concerned with providing sexual services. Between ancient Greece and Rome, there were similarities in connection with the fact that both the slaves and abandoned children were prepared for prostitution, there are people who have dealt with it exclusively. In some cases, prostitution is used as a form of legal sanctions against single women who were involved in some criminal activity.

In Japan, during the 17th century Edo period, appeared fashionable courtesans called pyran (literally means – my older sister). Courtesans are not ranked according to the class principle, determined by birth, but by level of education, beauty, character, abilities.

To the girl became pyran had to undergo training flower arrangement, tea ceremony and calligraphy. Among pyran girls existed and taju girls whose clients were exclusively intellectuals. With the advent of a geisha who practiced a more open form of amusement average visitor ends up period pyran tradition.

Pyran similar status in Japan, in India had tavai girls (Tawaif).

During the Middle Ages the Roman Catholic Church did not recognize prostitution, but it is allowed to prevent a greater evil, such as rape, sodomy masturbation

In the 16th and 17th century church wanted to postpunosti to eliminate prostitution from society due to an illness that began to spread, but it failed, but in the end did not tolerate prostitution as a lesser evil.

Centuries later, prostitution began to consider the legal aspect, and the emergence of feminism and the psychological and integrative aspects of personality.

Although today we have terms like sex tourism and elite prostitution, where it is assumed that women mostly voluntarily enter into the story, and there is still a form of violence and exploitation of women’s bodies and women nipodištavanja integrity. Male prostitution does not mean it does not exist, but it is certainly less visible prostitution of women.

Indicators prostitution in astrology

To discuss prostitution in the birth chart, we must first take into account the motives and under the condition that prostitution is taken as an option.

In this case, the person can provide sexual services, because he wants money, therefore, a purely material motives. Another case is that the person providing sexual services, because that way a fulfillment feeling and have a better self-image, especially if it is in some way been abused in childhood. And while material motives mostly related to money, the psychological motives there are many more, but it often happens that the person was not even aware of.

Prostitution in most of the times, if it is voluntary, has to do with low self-esteem, lack of self-love, and the inability to feel love for the other person. Usually the person is in some way deprived of parental love or experienced rejection or even abuse. In most situations, you should pay attention to the moon, where the sign is and what aspects he says, because he most vividly describes how a person feels and whether it can act or not balanced.

Moon represents our past and early childhood, and is an indicator of the relationship of a mother to us, and our experience of her love. Moon in difficult aspects to Saturn usually gives very cold and reserved person, that sex is one way to feel good about myself. In this connection, how people can not find satisfaction with a person, because you can not find in itself, will constantly changed partners, and in constant search of maternal love. Likewise it will be Venus.

So, primarily, the Moon and Venus in the cold with signs and difficult aspects are psychological dissatisfaction, lack of love and confidence. Mars and Saturn in difficult aspects of bringing some form of abuse or the need for people to be during the sexual acts aggressive and hurts.

The aspects to Uranus or Neptune, usually speak of excessive idealization of love, excessive freedom in the emotional relationship that is most often manifested through orgies, and can talk about the sexual deviations or fantasies are fulfilled through sex. Pluton embodiments to multiple planets usually provides methods of attenuation, and some form of attachment and the loss of consciousness torture immediately before the completion of the sexual act.

But to talk about this it is necessary to look at the position of Mars, because it means energy, action, excitement and passion and Saturn, because it means restricting the imposition of discipline. Specifically, in this situation plutonovskoj torture another person, his (Mars) is captured by the imposition of discipline, fines (Saturn), and through the binding, kill, choke (Pluto).

The most common aspects and positions in the natal chart who can talk about prostitution are:
*** Important notice: although it may happen that you have most aspects, does not mean that you will engage in prostitution because prostitution is a result of the social and family conditions, a maximum of free choice man ***

-Venera in Virgo. In Virgo, Venus knows how to experience love, but through constant review, doubt and excessive analysis of partners and relationships. In this respect, suspicion and fear of the void value binding love, because people often love experienced business exclusively. Ultimately, as a sign of Virgo to help and sacrifice, this often means that people sacrifice their love for some, while helping others through prostitution (since you can not afford).

-Venera in fire signs may be an indication of promiscuity, because the fire signs like the attention, power and domination, and since Venus is a symbol of love and lust, there is no doubt that the sexual activity show a need for attention. This does not mean that everyone who has Venus in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius tends to be promiscuous or prostitution, but be sure to talk about his sexual appetite and what you find attractive in a partner. Also at the fire signs is the need for competition, showing and winning.

-Venera embodiment in Pluto usually administered charismatic figure. I harmonious and inharmonious aspects given the need for a profound transformation of the sexual act, as well as charisma, with that in severe aspects can happen to the sexual act expresses rudeness and hatred, while on the positive aspects of a person wishes to the natural connection and feeling of love feel the transformation.

-Mars or Venus if they are laid in the eighth field. And not because the eighth field corresponds to the symbolism of sex, which is a common misconception in astrology, but because the 8 field with other people, and as Mars or Venus passed in this field it means that our energy and passion or need to be beloved dependent on other people. Mars represents the life force, and Venus self-evaluation, which a lot depends on whether the other people we love and respect, whether we accept it. In this case, a person’s sexuality and how she respects and loves himself depends on how much respect and love partner or other people. This would mean that these people Sex proof that they are loved and accepted by others, or are not sure of someone’s love until you enter into a sexual relationship with this person, because so confirm themselves (Venus) and its appearance, ego (Mars).

-The Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in 8 field talking again about the tendencies towards other people and the connection with other people’s money, which is a good indicator of prostitution.

-Aspekti Moon, Venus, Mars, Neptune talk about addiction from sexual activity. With the proviso that the harmonious and inharmonious aspects can lead to prostitution, but in discordant aspects of it can turn into a dependency that a person difficult to control, while the harmonic aspects of a person can arbitrarily choose prostitution because, for example, through it is inspiration or sex is considered art.

-Aspekt Mars Saturn gives potency in the old days, and a viable healthy sexual energy, which in the embodiment of tune can become a brutal tyrannical, oppressive, wherein one partner shows the power over the other.

-Neharmonični aspects of Mercury and Neptune or Mercury and Pluto give cursing, dirty speech during sexual activity or dirty thoughts.

-Neharmonični aspects of Mars and Venus usually speak of a strong lust and unbridled sexual energy and competition, love is seen through violence or sexual partners are perceived as objects to which a person has no emotion.

-Aspekti Venus with Jupiter usually give exaggeration. If Jupiter is a symbol of expansion and growth, and Venus symbol of love and sensuality, then their combination can be given depending on the sexual activity and enjoyment. When properly channeled, this aspect of music, dance, Higher Education. These people are very sensual, have pronounced lips or hips, beautiful and soft facial features.

-Five field is related to sexual activity, so many planets in the fifth field show a tendency to flirt, fun, changing partners. However, to confirm this, it is necessary to look at other factors. For example, if you are at the top of the fifth field is a sign of Sagittarius and Jupiter is also in Pisces or Sagittarius and builds a square with Venus in Virgo, then we can talk and under presumption, of promiscuous behavior.

-Venera or Moon in Capricorn means that emotions are very difficult to demonstrate, delay or no priority during sexual activity. Specifically, the person is capable of that emotion aside and that the relationship with the other person watches only business.

In the study 166 of the natal chart, it was found that the most common signs that occur in prostitution are:

The most common signs that Venus there are:

The fields in which the most frequent positions of the Sun, the Moon and Mars are:

7 box
8 field
1 box
10 box
9 field
5 box
The most common factors that have occurred are:

Pluto conjunct the ascendant
Mars conjunct Saturn
Mars conjunct Neptune
Venus in conjunction with the top 7 fields
Neptune in conjunction with the top 7 fields

Vid prostitution, which is covered in the text is based on the free choice of the person due to physical and / or psychological motives. Not treated prostitution as a form of violence and exploitation of women. In this case, it is likely to be included, and other aspects of the combination. Moreover, this text does not include sexual orientation of a person, nor is it intended to be a man or a woman running in any light. The aim is purely historical view of prostitution, its development and indicators of prostitution in the birth chart.

Sexual activity and generally prostitution remains taboo, whether because of religious concept that sex is marked unclean or because of the tendency of today’s society that shows the double moral values, on the one hand a lot of explicit content and type, on the other hand discrimination against persons in prostitution deal; perhaps it is also because prostitution is associated with sexually transmitted diseases, and is considered dirty.

Certainly, people in prostitution, provided that they have chosen their own free will are no less valuable than others. They are often an indicator that the system and society are not doing enough for the individual.

Sex is the only territory in which both women and men alike show their strength and vulnerability, which is particularly attractive, given that society forbids a man to show the vulnerability and strength of a woman.

Sex is so compound socially disparate elements that only in its secrecy discovering immortality two people.