Instant Live with Gemini or Cancer pathos? Masochists, Scorpio awaits you!

In addition to the stubbornness, Rams know to be very impulsive, even to the limits of indecency. When you do not achieve your goal, or if they are near someone finds objectionable, will remain calm and to give to know their haughty attitude and behavior.

The emotional connections can sometimes do very superficial, but it is only a mask for an even worse performance – negligence. Sexual games with the members of this sign, they may at some point be a little rougher, but partners can leave arms.

Patience is not their forte, and they tend to start a bunch of new things that as a rule remain unfinished.

Rams need a steady leader who will not declare so, but in this case it is most appropriate to apply the saying “still waters run deep.”

This character, to say the least, that so many minds “smori” his inertia that leads to madness and the biggest phlegmatic. To make it worse, they are, in fact, always right and no one can convince her otherwise.
What will they surely derail eating hunger. If you find yourself Bika by chance on a diet, try to avoid further meetings until this phase passes. It will not last long because they do not know how these limitations to persevere. Believe me, you do not want to see rare, but very explosive series of attacks of rage.

You are intolerant of change of any kind. Do not change the routine and routine, it could be the motto of this sign.

Always an inexhaustible source of entertainment, but unfortunately, the epilogue is still uncertain. With this sign of life takes the form of an action thriller, but when you survive – will speak. Twin will easily slap a smile on your face, and the next moment, do not be surprised if it gets out of the chair on which you sit.

Entertaining, but elusive. Do not count on an eternal romance with them. I’ll forget your name but three minutes after the introduction, but if you lavish a flood of compliments what you did not get even in childhood from relatives from distant parts.

If you have promised, will meet only if the benefit of both sides, but on condition that you do not forget. Faithfulness in their vocabulary does not exist. Meeting with twins make an hour in advance, count on traffic jam.

This sign will kill her sudden and frequent changes of mood. And just when you think you align energy begins pathos which is an essential part of every story.

Cancer prevention will weep and mourn, because the outcome of any event always be dramatic, but it does not hurt a little tear, even if they have plenty of that.

You often encounter on a group of members of this sign who can be quite arrogant. This is not just a “facade” Rakova, as some interpret, the more it’s their defense mechanism. No cancer was not quite as emotional as they are the voice of beats, the more pronounced this natural talent for acting and dramaturgy.

Pessimists and hypochondriac who look back and his shadow.

Theater and Theater is the second home of this sign. Selfish and without remorse, Leo will put you in a subordinate position, because of which there is a better, prettier, smarter, they have absolutely no competition. To expose, often can wade in and kitsch, but no one has the exclusive right to the complaint.

Lions always, but always have to be the center of events. And when it fell as phenomena that only befits them, but that they had not noticed, it will not have a problem to get out of the room to re-enter (this time a little louder).

Excessively eager confirmation and satisfaction, do not expect loyalty, but it is necessary “recognition weight”.
Applause, bound for the village.

Analysis, or do exhausting rate. Each item will be put in question, even if the plan makes complete, Virgin will necessarily have an objection and the objection. Perfectionism to the limit.

Members of this sign are prone to excessive criticism and condemnation.

Often in their vicinity can feel dirty and inadequately dressed, because it will allow Virgin to make clear their goods usually outrageous views.

If by any chance you are a guest in their home, it is very likely that you will irritate them, perhaps because you twist the shoe with fringe on the carpet.

Having highly detailed, and sex will expect precision, and are therefore known for lack of sexuality.
It is impossible to meet all their criteria, so the connection, of any kind, with them very exhausting.

Besides Device life will be programmed with the correct calculated mode and will be anything but relaxing.
For you, is always the first step that will necessarily be accompanied objections.

Similarly, Leo, Libra, just in a different way, burdened by its appearance. She is no stranger to leave you down and out of your life without a word or explanation, because it is tiring for this character that is quite lazy and irresponsible.

All the comfort and enjoyment belong to her and maybe even Taurus.

If it opts for an article of clothing in the store where she spent hours, when you open your closet, realize that despite the fact that there is nothing to wear, this cloth is useless compared to the one he tried in another store.

They are very recognizable by cuddly and sweet voice that will tell you the most wonderful fairy tale, even without personal motives, but just to make you hear what you want. For this they need to acknowledge and recognize great talent.
Willpower at scales there and through life will always prefer to go guided by someone else’s hand until he finds a better opportunity.

Misuse charm and easily enter into relationships without a goal.

Excessively deep experiencing things around, and often accepts them personally. Scorpio is mainly found in the conspiracy theory. About paranoia, all were initially enemies that must be kept. Hence this mystery, for fear that they miss someone’s hellish plan of conspiracy.

Its tail is always on guard, so no surprises, please, if you accidentally hurt, it’s just defending herself.
If someone or something is it, then it’s just her, and no one, not even the object of its worship has the right to freedom and access to others.

Will remember to the grave if you are inflicted by even the slightest discomfort and, rest assured, it will return to you.
For insatiable libido in competition this sign only is Taurus.

The only priority this sign are fun and wandering at night clubs. Sagittarius even when the founding family nest, not landing that often the same. Due to the immoderate meet all worldly pleasures, they are often prone to obesity.

They love to counter others and are usually pundits who always knows everything better than you.

They like to dominate situations and people. Easy to manipulate you, and you will not feel remorse.

If their life is filled with creative duties, will fall into despair and look for sacrificial “shoulder to cry on.”

They have no compassion for other people’s problems and at least will not have time to listen to your lament, because it will surely have a “better things to do”. Almost feel disgust for people’s problems.

All signs with “horns” have in common – stubbornness, but this character is definitely a winner. Not only will it make to the limit, which goes beyond human endurance, but will do that with pleasure. This sign must always have a goal and purpose, but it puts the emotional life under the strictest control. If you could describe the emotions of Capricorn, then they are very raciolizovane.

Compassion is – unknown.

Priority Capricorn is a job and it will make it clear. Do not try to put the blame and step on the way, because when it comes to revenge, no mercy, even Scorpio that can tuck your tail.
Money makes the world – the motto.

Fit in with the flow of life of one of Aquarius Sisyphean job. Do not count that you literally understand this character and be prepared for many surprises and even unpleasant. A crazy ideas – abound.

If you try to edit any segment of his personality or, God forbid, style and way of life in their “creative chaos”, you’ll come up on a huge wall.

Social life will always have priority over emotional.

And if, by chance that, in the unusual adventure fit an Aquarius, get used to it every day as the last, because the duration of the two of them at the very, very uncertain.

Routine and everyday items that have no place in the life of Aquarius, they tend to experiment even with its own particular life.

So many dreams in so little energy. Members of this sign them live in one, sometimes even two, a clear story. That their emotions accented it is unclear whether they are under constant question mark, why and how they are not reciprocated … And if they (?)

Understand what fish think it is the same as to think what the Kosmos. One of the most important characteristic is always present confusion, Fish always look as if you just woke up.

They tend to delude themselves, but are also perfect in deceiving others.

The life of lies woven Mecca is for the members of this sign, because it does not know how to deal with the “harsh” reality of life.
Since their personal views are not clearly defined, they are the least reliable partner in life.

Do not be surprised if you suddenly disappear from your life, they just swam in a world of illusion known them. Will keep their illusions as the most precious treasure.