INTELLIGENT above average: Pacific were withdrawn, but the members of this sign actually KNOW ALL OTHER SECRETS

Due to its nature, intelligence and powers of observation, this sign all notes around.

It is the sign of Pisces.

Two of their most prominent features are developed deep intuition and empathy, which enables them to understand and fathom all, long before the other.

They feel more deeply, and in times of extraordinary support friends. You do not even need to say it, but they know they have a problem. Unfortunately, this problem is often experienced personally, as if it is happening to them.

Fish have enormous powers of observation and of them you have nothing to hide. This is the responsibility profound intuition, and members of this sign often and rely on it.

These signs simply analyze and evaluate the situation around them, the most accurate understanding of events, as well as people from the region. However, the drawback is that because a lot of suffering.

As a very empathetic character, fish will be able to understand some of the worst practices of his friends. But although the first condemn them, it will make them understand. When it comes to conflicts, this sign may never forgets or forgives easily.

In addition to the suffering that brings them empathy, Pisces are hard to cope in reality, and they are said to live in an imaginary world.